For sale: 1973 Ford Landau Coupe

This 1973 Ford Landau is one of just 1,385 built, and is currently held by its fourth owner who has continued to keep excellent maintenance records for the vehicle.

Sold new to a customer in Elizabeth Bay NSW, this example is believed to be a four owner car, and comes with its original owner’s manual, and substantial maintenance records from 53,000 km through to the current mileage which sits at around 132,000 km. Images showing a sample of the records held are included in the image gallery.

The car retains its original Blue paint and vinyl roof. The paint is in presentable condition and polishes up very well, and the vinyl roof is in excellent condition as shown in the images. At some stage the previous owner has fitted aftermarket alloy mag wheels. However, the original factory wheels and hubcaps are included in the sale.

Rocker panels, sills and floors all appear to be in excellent condition. There are only a few rust spots requiring attention. Locations of those areas are shown in the images, and include at the base of the rear windscreen, under a small section of the boot-lid rubber and some small bubbling spots at the base of the passenger door and front guard. The car is otherwise very solid, and has obviously been kept out of the weather throughout its life.

Inside, the white vinyl trim is in excellent condition, including the headlining, and the carpets throughout the car are excellent. The parts missing on the driver’s door (mirror control and handle frame) are included with the car. The rear cigarette lighter in the console does however need replacing. Air-conditioning, and all controls work well, and the dashboard is immaculate.

The car is fitted with its original matching numbers engine – the 351ci Cleveland. A few modifications have been carried out including the installation of Pacemaker extractors, and an FMX transmission with stage 2 shift kit. The diff ratio has also been changed from the factory 2.8:1 to 3.5:1 – however, the original diff comes with the car should a purchaser wish to return the car to original specifications.

These high-spec Australian coupes are becoming increasingly desirable, and with such low build numbers they surely represent a good long term investment. For more information or to arrange an inspection, please contact Richard by clicking the contact seller button above.

Sale details

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Mount Pritchard
New South Wales
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Vehicle details

Paint colour/code: 
Interior colour/code: 
White vinyl
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
82,000 miles
Engine type: 
Engine fuel type: 
Chassis number: 
Other ID/number: 
Not applicable
Body type: 
Driver seating position: 
Right Hand Drive
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