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Spotted on Ebay UK in June 2019 - Colt Galant 2000 GTO GS-R. Introduced in 1973 the export GTO GS-R (Grand Sport & Rally) was only available in select right hand drive countries and featured unique factory fitted wheel arch extensions and modified front valance. The interior had a special leather trimmed steering wheel and an eight dial instrument panel. Power was supplied by a 2 litre straight four OHC engine mated to a five speed gearbox. The styling was definitely influenced by contemporary American muscle cars and there is a striking resemblance to Ford's Mustang.

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My car was originally LHD but was factory converted to RHD as the US market did not want the 3.6ltr  6 cylinder manual variant.  There are visual signs of this where the front indicators are the larger type + a blanking plate on the passenger door where the wing mirror controls used to be.  The colour has since changed in 2009 from Cranbury (CEE) to a slightly redder finish.  In the U.K. there are only about 275 left of this variant according to cars that are taxed or on sorn.

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Spotted on Anglia Car Auctions in August 2018 - not many details provided, asking 8,000 GBP.. Advertisement stated: Stored in their hay barn for thirty‑two years, the vendor describes it as remaining remarkably sound and complete. The engine turns. It comes with the old style V5, several documents confirming the warranted 37,215 miles, owner's handbook, oil charts and tax discs from 1983 to 1987.

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Advertised on in July 2018, asking GBP 8,650. An excellent example with some tasteful modifications. The seller noted the following at the time:

  • Recently imported from Japan. Very few were exported to the UK in period
  • Super condition car with new interior
  • Very tidy engine bay. Rebuilt carburettors
  • NOVA issued so immediately available for registration to UK buyer
  • Will come with new MoT prior to sale
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This is a rare Euro spec Cortina 1500 GT, found for sale on Ebay UK in June 2018. Looks in very original condition, but we suspect a bit of rust hidden under the burgundy paint, with the sills looking a bit filled with bog. According to the seller, the car was originally from Greece.

Check out the others on the Cortina GT register.


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The first MK3 Cooper S added to Classic Register - we're working on an information guide for these, a very rare Cooper S variety. This one was originally advertised on Ebay UK, and looks tou be a real survivor, with original paint and trim. Not much else is knowni about the car, and the seller at the time provided limited details. At the time of sale (2017 I think), it was asking a big $30,000 GBP.

If you have a rare MK3 Cooper S, please sign-up and add yours to Classic Register. 

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Thought it would be nice to find another GTO Galant to add to the register. This amazing restoration project is detailed further at the following link:

I grabbed a few of the best pictures and added them to the cars profile here on Classic Register.

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This 1275 GT has its original v5c logbook, and is ready for restoration, with all the correct codes and tags in place. This is an early 12 inch wheel model, and according to the seller retains its original front and rear seat trim, as shown in the images.