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Another coupe spotted - this one asking $44,990. Likely a dealer car as that's the highest price we've seen in Australia to date. Looks to be in fairly good condition (some tearing on teh driver's seat bolster the only real issue).. 

Check out the other examples on the Mark II Ford Escort RS2000 Register.

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1 of 33 Canadian Export cars - This Mk2 LoCort is particularly rare. First, it was built in the first month of production for the Mk2 Cortina Lotus versions (March 1967), so it has many holdover parts from the Mk1 LoCort including: 3-rail gearbox, Lotus on both banks of the valve covers, Lotus badges on rear quarter panels, plus rare gauge pod on the dash. All of these features went away in Fall 1967 with the Mk2 Series 1b version of the LoCort. Second, it's color is rare (Alpina Green) as most Cortina Lotus cars were Ermine White.

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This one has been advertised for quite some time - asking $14,000 AUD. Looks to be in excellent condition, and closeish to original (a few modifications have been made). Good to get another 998 LS on the register - it's been a while since one has come up!

Check out the others on the Mini LS Register.

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A matching number Australian spec RS2000 4-door - this one offered in November 2018 asking $25,000, in good condition overall. The birnt orange paint work is good other than a 2 small rust spot on top of rear quarter panel. The car has been unregistered for approximately 5 years, and the seller notes it was a automatic (converted to manual). 

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Australian spec Mini S found for sale in NZ! Asking $11,000, it's amazingly original and in excellent condition in its original Scarlet O'Hara Red.

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A solid example of the 242 GT - this one a 1980 model with the front end changed over with 264 parts. This example was offered for sale in October 2018, asking $8,500 - with the seller noting the car is a one owner example.. Interestingly it has a Holden Commodore V6 3.8 ltr from a VN installed, with an auto transmission (this is an engine based on the GM Buick block).

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We spoke to the seller of this little survivor just before it sold. Just holding onto life, and certainly worth restoring, this GT was sold as a shell excluding the motor (which the seller was using in another project). This wasn't so much of an issue given that the motor in the car was not a genuine GT unit..

Otherwise, everything appears to be in place! Twin tanks, 7.5 inch brakes - it was asking $4K at the time (not sure what it actually sold for though). This only lasted a day online before it was snapped up..

For sale: 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S (MK1)

This genuine matching numbers MK1 Cooper S is offered for sale in NSW’s Sutherland Shire, and has what we consider one of the best factory colour combinations available on the MK1 (Special Burgundy on Snow White). According to the ausmini MK1 Register, this is one of a small batch of Cooper S vehicles of this particular colour scheme built during 1967, with Snow White replacing Toga White around September that year.

The seller notes the vehicle’s body is very solid, with all rust professionally removed and plated. Paint and body work was completed approximately 3 years ago, and the only issue of note is a small dent in the trunk lid – a spare panel is provided with the sale. The exterior of the car is all to original specifications, other than the aftermarket wood and picket style plastic arches which could be easily removed if the new owner desires.

Inside, this example also keeps true to its factory specifications with the exception of a period Motolita style steering wheel, with correct red vinyl trim (re-trimmed a couple of years ago and in great condition). Amazingly, the door trims, headliner and carpet are all original – particularly hard to come by these days, and a testament to the vehicle’s owners over its life. The car is missing its original heater, however, we've seen a few come up for sale online recently which suggests they can be fairly easily sourced.

Importantly, this is a matching numbers car, with the body stampings and engine number matching the vehicle ID plate on the firewall. As a genuine Cooper S, all other identification features are where they should be. For more information on what makes a genuine S, see Classic Register’s MK1 identification guide.

The engine was rebuilt approximately 6 years ago at a cost of $6.500.00, and now runs perfectly. The only non-original mechanical fitting is a MK2 all-synchro gearbox. The car has done very little work since the engine rebuild, with just a few small trips on weekends. It also comes with a set of minilite style wheels with good road-legal race tyres fitted. A set of original steel Cooper S rims would not be hard to source if desired – often coming up on Ebay and Gumtree.

The car is currently on club registration – which is non-transferable. The seller doesn’t foresee any issues preventing the car from obtaining a roadworthy certificate.

For more information, please contact Jason by clicking the contact seller button at the top of this page.


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An example of a race prepped GTS offered for sale by classic car specialists in October 2018. This one doesn't look too original (wrong flares, alternative paint job, non-original interior to account for the racing equipment etc, but does appear to have the correct chassis number for a GTS. Check out the others on the South African Mini GTS register.

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