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An Australian delivered example of the C36 AMG, this one with decent mileage at 330,000km. We spotted this car advertised on in April 2019, asking $15,000. At the time. there were a couple of other examples on sale at around the same value, indicating these early C class AMG cars are starting to get into the affordable classic category. If you've got an early AMG, sign up and add yours to the register so we can track the history of these rare early AMG cars.

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This BE-1, a somewhat limited edition (10,000 built) Japanese hatch was advertised on in April 2019, asking only $1,980 USD. Looks like this is a good time to buy, with landed cars in placed like Australia already asking under $5K. A cool looking Mini immitatio, with a similar carby 1.0l 4 cylinder engine. Full roll back sunroof, and the retro design continues inside. The cars do look a lot better witha set of minilite wheels / Watanabe's or similar. 

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This one was advertised on Ebay Australia in April 2019. Looks to be finished in single tone "Deep Blue", and the owner at the time noted it was an Australian (Sydney) delivered car. This car has the earlier 12-valve straight 6, which still puts out reasonable power (particularly for its time).

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The 5th on our small register of XR8 Sprints. This one looks to have been kept in very original condition, with reasonably low mileage for its age (215,000km). Unfortunately, however, the car no longer has its original engine.

AT the time we spotted this car online (Ebay AU), the seller made the following points:

-Feb 1994 Cobalt Auto A/C. No other options. 

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Spotted on Ebay in April 2019, this EA claims to be an SVO enhanced vehicle, and one of the 600 odd cars enhanced by SVO in 1989 when SVO was trying to establish a contract with Ford, as Tickford successfully did. This one has what looks to be a kit similar to the EB GT fitted, and does not have the grey lower panneling as normally applied to the SVOs - likely modified at some point in its life.

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A nice R8 spotted online in 2019 (advertised as a Gordini, but we have since been told it's not a genuine Gordini). Looks to be modified slightly for racing, but overall in excellent condition. This is the R1135 model, with the quad lamps at the front.

This is the first on the register here. If you have one, please sign-up and add yours.

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This example was advertised in April 2019, looks to have a bit of rust, but hopefully can be saved by an enthusiast. Located in Melbourne, this one is finished in Monza red, and looks to be mostly complete.

If you have an RS2000, sign-up and add yours to the register!

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Spotted on Ebay in 2019. Road Registered all original 1982 Nissan Bluebird TRX 5spd Manual 

The owner noted this one has a fully reconditioned Cylinder Head, New timing chain and tensioner, along with most mechanical parts replaced..

Interior is extremely clean and tidy with everything working and no rips or other damage. Body is extremely straight and well aligned, doors, boot and bonnet open and close very nicely with good gaps. needs some rust repairs pics make up description. 

For sale: 1978 Leyland Mini

From the final year of Australian production, this Leyland Mini is fitted with a 1275cc motor and twin 1.25 inch carbies. Interestingly, the engine number suggests it has come from either a 1275 LS mini, or possibly a Moke Californian. Originally, the car would have had the standard 998cc engine, but the 1275cc makes a far more capable mini, with plenty of power.

The current owner purchased the car a couple of years ago, and has had both front floor pans replaced / welded in. As you can see in the images, there is rust in the normal spots which needs to be addressed. The sills, and below the rear tail lights in particular need attention.

The car is currently yellow - similar or perhaps the same as the original "Yellow Peril" paint available on the Leyland Minis at the time. There is evidence of red paint underneath the yellow, which may have been the original colour (known as "Scarlet O'Hara"). However, the paint sticker is no longer in the engine bay (and the engine bay has been painted black) so looking at those hard to reach spots and under the existing paint is the only way to really tell if that was the original colour.

The current owner recently installed a new fuel pump, after the car started to run a bit rough. The car currently turns over but won't start - likely that it may need something as simple as a new coil,  distributor or timing adjustment to get it back on the road. The car is sold as is, without registration.

This would make an excellent club car with the strong 1275cc engine. Parts for the Leyland Minis are easy to come by and the cars are relatively simple to service, making it an excellent entry vehicle to the classic car scene.

The price is negotiable. For more information contact Robert by signing in and clicking the contact seller button at the top of this page.

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12H902 engine
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Right Hand Drive

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Leyland mini 1978
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Up for sale is my 1978 Leyland Mini in a bright Yellow.

I had purchased this car as a project however i havent had the time or money to commit to it. Afteri bought the car from the auctions, i had replaced the floor panels as it had some rust holes. This was carried out by a professionaly welder.

The car was running after i had changed the fuel pump however it struggles to stay idling for more than 5 minutes, i suspect there is an issue with either the fuel pump or something small that someone with more carbi experience would be able to pick up on.

The current condition of the vechicle:

Rust: there is surface rust in certain areas, as you would expect for its age.

Mechanical: The car was running fine, engine had no knocks or any obvious issues.

Interior: seats are fairly clean, no major rips. Sections of the dash are missing.

- 39xxx kms

-1275 cc motor with the engine preifx of: 12H902

If you are interested in the vehicle, please call me on 0450210405.

Located 25 minutes from melbourne in Victoria.