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An immaculate Galant sedan, asking $10K in February 2018. The first one we've added to Classic Register, and we're a big fan of these cars particularly in coupe form. 

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On Ebay Australia in February 2018, asking a huge $49,899! We've seen these sell for mid to high 20s for amazing low mileage examples, and think it will be a little while before these are at this level. 

400 of these were officially delivered to Australia, this one being build number 246, delivered and sold new by Tom Kerr Subaru of Sydney in December 1999. The owner described the car as completely original and meticulously maintained,

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1978 Datsun 200B coupe SSS, advertised on Gumtree Australia in February 2018 asking $9,950.

Cleaned up some rust spots and the car currently has no rust anywhere and the paint job is quite good. The interior is very original and standard, it still has the original radio and the old casette player. The only thing that is missing is the roof lining which is sagging and coming off. Mechanically the car is very original,original engine and gearbox and very sound. It still has the factory service manual books. The car starts drives and runs well.

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This 998 LS (converted to 1275) was advertised on Gumtree in February 2017, asking $16,500.. One of an estimated few thousand built, with far fewer on the roads today, this example is not original, with afternarket paint, trim and of course the motor, and the addition of the RHS tank.

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Originally a Hi-Ho Silver 1275 LS, this one was added to the register in February 2018.

For more information on the 1275 LS, see the 1275 LS information guide, or check out all the cars on the 1275 LS register.

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Rare Starion Turbo GSR - this example was advertised on Gumtree Australia in February 2018, askingf $23,000. Quite a high price considering these don't have quite the following for that sort of price. They're a good looking car, and like most 80s sports cars, are certainly coming back in fashion. This example looks in amazing original condition - a rare find like.

If you have a Starion GSR, please sign-up and add yours to the Starion GSR Turbo Register,

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Found on Gumtree Australia in Feb 2018, we've now got quite a number of 4-door RS2000s on the RS2000 Register. This one has a few dings and issues, but at $10,000 it represents reasonable value - particularly when compared to the 2-door equivalent.

Unfortunately, the seller noted that the car does not have its original engine fitted. Some body and paint work was also needed, but the car is all there and runs well.

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This very well preserved Clubman GT was spotted on Ebay Australia in February 2018. The car retains most of its original parts according to the seller, and is "numbers correct' example.

The seller confirmed at the time that the car has rebuilt brakes (ie master cyl, booster, front calipers new rear wheel cyls all rubber brake lines replaced and new discs and pads fitted). All wheel bearings were replaced and ball jonits. Suspension is still hydro and holds pressure and rides well. 

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One of few we've spotted for sale in Australia, this example would make a big, but excellent rare project. Adverised on Ebay Australia in January 2018, asking $2,000 buy it now!

Check out the other Coronas on the Corona register. The VIN plate indicates this one may have originally been yellow in colour.