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Another coupe spotted - this one asking $44,990. Likely a dealer car as that's the highest price we've seen in Australia to date. Looks to be in fairly good condition (some tearing on teh driver's seat bolster the only real issue).. 

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1 of 33 Canadian Export cars - This Mk2 LoCort is particularly rare. First, it was built in the first month of production for the Mk2 Cortina Lotus versions (March 1967), so it has many holdover parts from the Mk1 LoCort including: 3-rail gearbox, Lotus on both banks of the valve covers, Lotus badges on rear quarter panels, plus rare gauge pod on the dash. All of these features went away in Fall 1967 with the Mk2 Series 1b version of the LoCort. Second, it's color is rare (Alpina Green) as most Cortina Lotus cars were Ermine White.

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This example was advertised on carsales in November 2018, asking $25,000 AUD. A rare car and becoming increasingly desirabe, having the same engine as the EB II Falcon GT, but in a lighter package. This particular car has quite a number of modifiocations, including:

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This one has been advertised for quite some time - asking $14,000 AUD. Looks to be in excellent condition, and closeish to original (a few modifications have been made). Good to get another 998 LS on the register - it's been a while since one has come up!

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The first one on our register, this original BMW Isetta single cylinder microcar was advertised on, finally selling for $17,650 NZD in early November 2018. Looks to be in solid condition. At the time of sale, the seller noted the following comments: 

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The final one from the large collection of Brock Fords being sold on Gumtree in November 2018 - this one is described as being in excellent condition, being build number 086, built in August 1989. 

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This Brock B8 Falcon S was advertised along with several other Brock Falcons as part of a collection in November 2018. AN amazing opportunity for the Brock Ford enthusiast to grab a few cars - or perhaps for a museum to pick them up. This one had 185,000km on the click at the time of sale (and asking $19,500).

We've been able to collect the details of a few Brock Falcons over the years - take a look at the others on the Brock Ford register here,

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This Brock B8 Falcon SE was advertised on Gumtree Australia, and was advertised as part of a collection with a number of other Brock Fords. This particular car is build number 7 of only 7 SE's built. The seller at the time noted the car had only 53,000km on the clock, and they were only the second owner. Supposedly, the car was originally owned by Brock's mechanic. Check out the others on the Brock Ford Register.

For sale: 1971 Mini Clubman (British spec)

This British spec Mini Clubman is one of few on Australian shores, and different in many ways to the Australian Clubman and later Aussie Leyland Minis. This is the MK3 Mini body shell, which can be purchased brand new for just over $14,000 AUD - see it here. The most obvious difference between this shell and the Australian shells / MK1 shells generally is the internal hinged doors, as appear on all MK3 onward minis including the later Rover Minis. However, there are many other changes that are less noticeable. For instance: larger drains on the roof gutter corners, a welded bonnet slam panel (as opposed to the bolted Australian design), among many other subtle differences.

The car is perfectly suited for a project such as a 1275 GT or Mini GTS tribute, or simply to build it as you want and fit it out with all the Rover gear (of which there is a huge factory range and variety). All Rover trim and accessories are compatible with this MK3 body. There are plenty of places in Australia that sell the trim and other parts for the cars, such as Minisport's Rover only section here; their trim section, and Oz - which has a large selection. You could also import a cheap rusty late model rover mini that can't be registered, and transplant all the gear straight into this body. This car has been registered in NSW (number plates last registered with are in the images - It was last on the road probably 30 years ago) However, you would need to source a new compliance plate which is not with the car - the only plate on the car is the British plate welded to the body - see images. Any purchaser would need to make the necessary investigations themselves as to how a new compliance plate can be issued.

A lot of bodywork has been completed, as detailed in the images. This includes new A panels, sills (internal and exterior), floor pans, air vent holes (behind dash corners), new front driver's mudguard, plated edges of rear seat, new battery box, and some repairs around the front driver's headlight. Very little welding is required to have the body ready for finishing and paint, with just the lower door-skins and a couple of other small spots - one being at the base of the rear passenger wheel arch. The car has evidence of a minor accident repair weld in the rear trunk floor corner (just behind the fuel tank). It looks like a new rear panel was welded on - which also likely explains why the beaver panel had no rust - I'm assuming it would also have been replaced at the time of repair.

For the work so far completed, the car was taken off its sub-frames, completely stripped, sandblasted and undercoated. Prior to the front sub-frame being installed, the engine bay was painted 2-pack metallic BRG (2004 Mini Cooper S paint code 895). The intention was to paint the car this colour, with a white roof. The engine bay is very dusty in the images, but the paint is in great condition. The sub-frames were also sandblasted, painted 2-pack gloss black, and re-assembled with new rubbers / bushes. The rear left still needs a cone installed. I note that the original sub-frames which I removed were hydrolastic - which I've replaced with the rebuilt rubber cone frames. The car rolls and steers fine, and has been fitted with a new steering rack, so it can be easily transported on and off a trailer. The brakes are not hooked up (no handbrake either).

Sad to see it go as I've had the car for some 17 years. However, I've got 2 other projects to focus on getting on the road, and would like a bit more space in the garage. The sale is not urgent so if I don't get any bites I'll simply hold onto it.

Inspection can be arranged on weekends, near Gosford NSW. Contact Tim by signing in and clicking the contact seller button above.

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A matching number Australian spec RS2000 4-door - this one offered in November 2018 asking $25,000, in good condition overall. The birnt orange paint work is good other than a 2 small rust spot on top of rear quarter panel. The car has been unregistered for approximately 5 years, and the seller notes it was a automatic (converted to manual).