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Vehicle has been an SCCA race car for an extended (unknown) period of time 

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This one has been sitting on trademe NZ for a while, a great looking example of the 1200 in Orange - The seller at the time didn't clarify but it appears to have been fully restored to original spec. This one the first 1200 on classic register by the look of it. If anyone has a classic 1200 (particualarly a SSS) we'd love to seee it - sign up and add your car :)

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This TX3 non-turbo was spotted on trademe NZ in October 2018, asking just $1,500 NZD. The inside upholstery is very good overall, and goes well according to the seller. Check out the others on the Laser TX3 register.

For sale: Leyland Mini 1275 LS

This genuine Leyland Mini 1275 LS from Maitland NSW is in great condition for such an original car, with the current owner having spent the last couple of years focusing on servicing the car's mechanical components. Recent work has included a new radiator and water pump, reconditioned alternator, new CV joints and reconditioned brakes. The car has received a full tune and runs well with the engine said to be very strong. It comes with the set of 12 inch Minilite style wheels with good tyres, as well as its original steel rims (fitted with new tyres) and LS plastic hubcaps as shown in the images. The car is currently on non-transferrable club registration, but will come with full NSW registration and "LS1275" number plates.

The seller has advised that this example has very little rust in the body, with only surface rust appearing on outer door panels. The sills, floor, gutters and A-panels are completely rust free, a product of the car being kept in storage for many years prior to the current seller's ownership. As one of an estimated 800 produced, it's not often you see such solid original LS examples come up, and this one even has its original radio still fitted. Given the age, the rare red velour trim is in good condition, with only the driver's seat having a couple of tears which would be easily repaired.

As BMC Australia's last Mini (other than the Moke), having a 1275 LS will put in you in a very exclusive club. There is a network of LS enthusiasts on Facebook, and Classic Register maintains an original vehicle register for the LS cars, along with a detailed 1275 LS information guide to assist with restoring your LS to original specifications.

For more information or to arrange an inspection, please contact Richard by telephone or email, by clicking the contact seller button above. 


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Paint colour/code: 
Hi-Ho SIlver
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Red cloth
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
21,000 km
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Engine fuel type: 
Chassis number: 
Other ID/number: 
One of (approx) 800 built
Body type: 
Driver seating position: 
Right Hand Drive
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This very original example was spotted on in September 2018, asking $18,000. There are plenty on the market far cheaper, but it's hard to come across examples with relatively low mileage and limited modifications. This one appears completely stock down to the original rims, which is what we love to see. An awesome Group A rally car, they can cost a fortune to maintain, repair and restore - this one looks to be in a condition that would'nt require much expense, particularly if you only intended to use it as a weekend or club car. 

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This example was advertised on in September 2018, asking $65,200.  This car has been meticulously restored to its original condition. The motor and gear box has been completely stripped and rebuilt by professionals. The car has been rarely driven since its restoration and clocked less than 1000 miles. The photos illustrate areas like the underbody protection coating, the new Westminster style carpet and interior, and the attention to detail with respect to original componentry. No expense has been spared in this restoration.

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This S, although not a full matching numbers example, was offered at a fairly reaosnable $12,500 AUD in September 2018. It's hard to find an S of any condition under $15K these days. This one needs a lot of work to get back together, but most of its there and its a genuine Cooper S. Has all numbers matching except for engine block according to the seller Engine block is 9fsay Cooper S Block which is bare. Gearbox housing has no internals twin Carby’s cylinder head complete twin tanks good floors good boot floor, and widened Cooper s wheels and aftermarket widened mudguards.

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The color Atlas Green has been added, I don't know when. Original it was Viper Green.

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Another TX3 from New Zealand - and another non-turbo example. This one looks in good orderm with 200,000 on the clock. The seller at the time it was offered (September 2018) noted the car had been with the same family for 20 years. Check out the others on the Ford Laser TX3 register.

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Spotted advertised in September 2018, this rare TX3 non-turbo was advertised in NZ asking only 3K - relatively high mileage at 243,000, but not bad considering its age. AT the time it was ofered, the seller noted the interior is in good condition, and the exterior paint was very clean with a few minor scratches and chips present. 

Check out the others on the Ford Laser TX3 register.