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Leyland Mini 1275E
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Black Fake Leather
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ZwaZulu Natal
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South Africa
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Engine Number: 12HEH***U

1275 Engine


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Spotted on, there are quite anumber of the Gamma coupes advertised in Europe and very low prices (particularly compared with their asking prices in countries like the USA and Australia, where very few were sold. This is the first we've got on the register, located in Austria (2019). Looks complete and original, with a bit of tidying up needed. If you own one, please sign up and add yours to the register.

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Completely restored GT-FOUR Carlos Sainz Spec.
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It was a barn find, it is Narrow Body version, not sure how many of this exist. Currently going thru complete restoration to bring it back to showroom condition. Will keep file and photo for the build.
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Spotted on Ebay UK in June 2019 - Colt Galant 2000 GTO GS-R. Introduced in 1973 the export GTO GS-R (Grand Sport & Rally) was only available in select right hand drive countries and featured unique factory fitted wheel arch extensions and modified front valance. The interior had a special leather trimmed steering wheel and an eight dial instrument panel. Power was supplied by a 2 litre straight four OHC engine mated to a five speed gearbox. The styling was definitely influenced by contemporary American muscle cars and there is a striking resemblance to Ford's Mustang.

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Original example spotted on in June 2019. Needs a bit of TLC but in exceptional condition for a car that's been kept on the road all this time. 86,000 original miles, a great alternative to the celica or datsun coupes of the 1970s, and very few around (although they did build these in NZ). There's big interest in these cars over in Australia where there are very few. If you have a Galant coupe upload yours to the register!

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It's been a while since one has been added to the register - this one another NZ vehicle with the unique New Zealand stripes. Looks to be mostly there and original (with correctly numbered engine), it does however have a fair bit of rust. A great project, the 1275 GT Minis are becoming a rare classic these days. Hoping someone picks up this bargain. This was originally spotted on in June 2019. If you've got a classic 1275GT, sign up and add yours to the register - we'd be interested to hear its story, whether its Euopean, South African or NZ!

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This interesting Australian Clubman GT (with chassis prefixe YG2S8) was advertised for sale with in June 2019. It appears to have an 1100S 1275cc engine in it, enhanced and modified. But there are plenty of the original bits still there. Would like to see this one brought back to original secs of course - there were only ever a couple of hundred Australian built GTs brought to NZ - very rare!