For sale: 1983 Leyland Mini 1275 E

The 1275 E was South Africa's farewell Mini model built between 1980 and 1984, with this particular example coming from the penultimate year of mini production in the country. Approximately 7,500 1275 E Minis were built, featuring the well respected 1275cc engine, and by the 1980s had a number of refined features making it a very comfortable classic, and a great way to get into the classic mini scene. These cars are becoming rare, and are popular exports to markets such as Australia, the UK and NZ where they are considered very unique.

This particular example is in excellent condition, having undergone a major restoration. A number of images showing the restoration process are included in the image gallery. The 1275 E sits on 10 inch wheels, with custom stripes and excellent pale yellow paint. A custom dash, retro radio, integrated speakers in the dash (and under the seat) and a great trunk fitout make for a practical classic. The red carpet is like new. 

The car's 1275cc engine has been fully refurbished. An electronic distributor has been fitted, as well as a temperature controlled fan sitting on the outside of the radiator. The wheels are fitted with 165/70R10 Khumo tyres with less than 200km usage.

All parts fitted to the car were imported from Mini Spares UK, with everything replaced where required. For more information or to arrange an inspection, please contact Ivan by logging in and clicking the "contact seller" button above.



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ZwaZulu Natal
South Africa
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Pale Yellow
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Black viny / red carpet
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Right Hand Drive

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Leyland Mini 1275E
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Black Fake Leather
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ZwaZulu Natal
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South Africa
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Engine Number: 12HEH***U

1275 Engine


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The first example on our register, a genuine Keonig enhanced 500SEC twin turbo V8. It's the first time i've seen one advertised so thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of it on this register. 

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
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Vehicle Location: Country: 

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