This identification guide has been written for the first Type R Honda Civic, the EK9, and includes information for the Motor Sports Edition and Type RX. The Type R represents a significant Japanese 90s era classic, which once held the record for having the highest output for a naturally aspirated motor (per litre of engine capacity). Despite its relatively low production numbers and lack of availability in certain markets from new, the Civic Type R EK9 has a huge global following, and imports to new markets such as the U.S and Australia are increasingly common.

EK9 Type R’s demand far higher prices than the standard Civic, and given that the Type R is based on the standard EK4 chassis (albeit with structural modifications), it is important to understand the variety of factors that need to be checked to confirm the originality of a car. This guide provides an outline of the main factors which should be looked for, including external features, interior features, paint colours/codes, mechanical features and the important chassis and engine number codes.

Number produced:

Pre-facelift cars: Approximately 7,007 built (cars have chassis prefix EK9-100).

Facelift cars: Approximately 4,009 built (cars have chassis prefix EK9-110).

Facelift Rx cars: Approximately 5,225 built (cars have chassis prefix EK9-120).

The above figures include 200 Motor Sport Edition / N1 cars.

TOTAL: 16,241.

Period of Manufacture:

August 1997 - 2000

Please note, this guide has been written based on a variety of online sources and enthusiast input. You should not rely on this guide to make any purchasing decision and we make no representation that all information is accurate. You should always seek independent professional advice when looking to purchase a unique car. If you have additional information, photographs or corrections you believe need to be made to this page, please contact us by clicking the button at the top of this page, or comment below. 

1. Exterior Features - Civic Type R (EK9)

The Civic Type R EK9 had the following exterior features, which make a good starting point for the identification of a genuine car:

  • All cars were based on the 3 door hatch (EK4), with chassis strengthening improvements (see mechanical features for further details).
  • Standard Type R’s and Rx’s had White 15” x 6“  7 spoke alloy wheels with red Type R Honda emblems in the centre caps, and “15X6JJ 50” cast on the inside of the wheels. Motor Sport Edition cars had steel rims of the same dimensions, as shown in the images.
  • 195/55/R15 tyres were standard front and rear.
  • Front bumper/splitter (Pre facelift (pre-1999 cars) and post facelift (cars 1999 onward) designs are shown in the images. The grille on facelift cars is also slightly wider than the pre-facelift cars.
  • Pre-facelift headlights are standard / non "crystal clear", facelift cars have redesigned "crystal" clear lights.
  • Facelift cars have slightly revised front fenders and bonnet to fit the revised lights, front bumper and grille design.
  • Rear indicator lenses on pre-facelift cars are orange. Facelift cars have clear rear indicator lenses.
  • Body coloured rear bumper lower lip and side skirts.
  • Rear tailgate spoiler.
  • Body coloured door mirrors.
  • Type R Honda badges front and rear (red emblems on bonnet as opposed to standard emblems in grille).
  • “Civic Type-R” decal emblems located on the lower right tailgate and in front of the rear wheels on the lower mudguard sill panels.
  • Factory tinted UV cut glass on standard Type R and Rx. Motor Sport edition had clear windows.
2. Interior Features - Civic Type R (EK9)

The Civic Type R EK9 had the following interior features, with differences noted where relevant for the pre-facelift and facelift cars, the Rx model and the Motor Sport Edition:

  • Pre-facelift and post-facelift cars have different central dashboard designs / layouts, as shown in the images.
  • Carbon finish instrument/gauge backing.
  • “Type R” badge on central dashboard.
  • Red cloth Recaro front seats.
  • Red carpets, “Type R” floor mats and red door card trims.
  • Titanium shift knob.
  • MOMO leather wrapped SRS steering wheel (368mm).
  • Driver and passenger airbag.
  • Power windows.
  • Remote central locking (optional on standard Type R, standard on Type Rx).
  • Type R Motor Sports Edition was a lightweight edition which deleted the air conditioning, Recaro seats/matching door cards (replaced with standard EK model grey cloth seats and door cards), airbags (replaced with standard Honda non-airbag wheel), electric windows, electric mirrors, power steering, radio, floor mats, sound insulation, and sports gear knob to save weight. See labelled images for examples.
  • Type Rx was of slightly higher spec equipment wise than the standard Type R, and came standard with a CD player, electric retractable mirrors, air conditioning, keyless entry, aluminium sports pedals, red stitched gear shift gator and a polished carbon style centre panel (as opposed to the normal flat finish carbon on the standard Type R models).
3. Paint Colours - Civic Type R (EK9)

4 paint colours were available on the Civic EK9 Type R, as outlined below. The original colour for the car should be confirmed on a small white square sticker in the driver or passenger door jamb (below the lock latch in the B pillar – see images).

Colours and codes:

  • Championship white (Code: NH-0).
  • Sunlight Yellow (Code: Y-56). Note, this colour was only available on facelift cars.
  • Vogue Silver Metallic (Code: NH-583M).
  • Starlight Black Pearl (otherwise called Flamenco Black Metallic) (Code: NH-592P).


An example of each has been provided in the images. Championship White is by far the most common colour for the EK9, with fewer cars available in Yellow, Silver and Black.

4. Chassis Number - Civic Type R (EK9)

The chassis number on a Honda Civic Type R EK9 will appear on the blue VIN plate (riveted to the bonnet slam panel), with a matching number stamped into the centre of the bulkhead / firewall. These locations are described in further detail in the attached images.

The prefix at the top of the chassis plate will confirm whether the car is a standard Type R or a Type Rx:

E-Ek9 = Pre-facelift Civic Type R

GF-EK9 = Facelift Civic Type R

Chassis numbers are located at the base of the chassis plate (Above “Type R”), and will include the EK9 prefix, followed by a 7 digit chassis number. The 7 digit chassis number may begin with 100, 110 or 120, depending on the year of the vehicle. This number confirms whether or not it is a pre-facelift, post-facelift or Rx model car in terms of its production date, as outlined below. Note, “XXXX” represents the chassis number unique to that particular car:

Chassis prefix EK9-100XXXX = (Pre-facelift model (August 1997 – August 1998).
Chassis prefix EK9-110XXXX = (Facelift Model, MY99) (August 1998 – August 1999).
Chassis prefix EK9-120XXXX = (Facelift Rx Model, August 1999 – August 2000).

The unique chassis number should be very similar to the engine number (see next section of this guide). Forum discussion suggests that the last two digits of the engine and chassis  numbers generally do not match, but may match on some cars. Comparing the engine and chassis numbers will at least give you some level of accuracy when trying to confirm if the car is a matching numbers car / has its original engine.

5. Engine & Gearbox Number - Civic Type R (EK9)

Engine Number:

The EK9 Type R uses the B16B engine, which can be identified in several ways, including by the engine prefix number stamping. The engine prefix “B16B” is stamped on the front of the engine (left hand side as you face it), on a small flat area that sticks out, just to the left of the lower corner of the exhaust heat shield. See images for a better description of this location.

Generally, the engine number which follows the prefix will be very similar to the chassis number. There has been much discussion about this, with some claiming that the engine number should match the chassis number. However, evidence in the EK9 register (see suggests that a genuine EK9 will not necessarily have a matching engine and chassis number, and that the last two digits of the number are usually (but not always) different.

Gearbox Number:

The original gearbox in an EK9 Civic Type R should have the prefix code S4C followed by a 7 digit individual number. This is printed on a barcode sticker on the front of the gearbox casing, as shown in the images.

EK9’s also had an LSD. Therefore, “LSD” should be printed in thick black text on the gearbox casing. If it’s not there, it may be likely that it has worn off over time. See images for a better description of the location and typeface.

6. Mechanicals - Civic Type R (EK9)

The Civic Type R EK9 had the following mechanical features which should be present on an original car:

  • 4 cylinder 1595cc DOHC 16 valve VTEC B16B engine, producing 185 PS (182 hp) (generally idenitifiable by the engine number prefix and red engine head cover).
  • Cylinder heads often have remaining marks from the factory, with green die/paint in between the distributor and the valve cover. You may have to rub the area to see any trace which may have worn off over time.
  • Upgraded sway bars and suspension strut bars. Front suspension had red strut bar standard as shown in images.
  • 15" X 6" 7 spoke white painted alloy wheels or 15" X 6" steel rims on the Motor Sports Edition.
  • Additional seam welding on the monocoque chassis. Parts of the car (around the engine bay, suspension struts front and rear, are welded more heavily and continuously to add rigidity, compared to the standard Civic.
  • Rear chassis bar installed behind bumper for additional rigidity (see images).
  • Independant double wishbone front suspension. Trailing arm, wishbone and coil springs at the rear.
  • Front Brakes: Ventilated Discs; Rear brakes: Solid Discs.
  • Tires front & rear: 195/55R15.
  • Fuel Capacity: 45 litres.
  • ABS Brakes.
  • Power Steering.
  • 5 speed manual transmission.
  • Helical LSD.
  • The  Motor Sport Edition EK9 was fitted with a lightweight crank pulley, and deleted options such as power steering, air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors and ABS brakes.



7. References - Civic Type R (EK9)

The following sources, among input from many enthusiasts, have contributed to the creation of this page. If you have any further information you believe can be added, please let us know by contacting us or commenting below.