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This rare S600 coupe was offered on Ebay USA in July 2019. The seller had been using it as a daily driver, but it has relatively low km, but looks like it needs a bit of a tidy up. Certainly a future calssic. It does need some more appropriately sized wheels, however.. The advertiser at the time made the following comments about the car:

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Advertised on Ebay USA in July 2019, this S500 coupe has reasonably low mileage and was offered through Central Florida Automotive group. A future classic, the S500 of 1995 was tha last of the S500 coupes - soon to be renamed CL500 in 1996, with a few other upgrades. Hence, this car is the pre-facelift model (without sensors in teh bumpers, slightly revised tail lamps etc) - but otherwise much the same as the CL of 96 onward. 2019 seems to be a great time to buy, with values at rock bottom for these cars that were hundreds of thousands new.

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Spotted on Ebay in June 2019, with exceptionally low mileage (2,216!), this Pacer is a museup piece, perfectly preserved. At the time of offering it was asking a classified price of $27,000 USD. You probably couldn't rebuild one this perfect for that price. I think this is the first on our register. If you have a Pacer, Gremlin, eagle or other AMC, sign up and add yours.

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REPLICA AMG Widebody 560 SEC. This example was advertised on Hemmings in 2019, and has a large number of modifications to the standard SEC body, replicating that of the special edition AMG wide body, which would sell for at least double what this was asking at the time. Still a nice piece despite being a replica!

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Havent seen one added to the register in a while, this Navy Blue FBT Fairlane came up on Ebay Australia in June 2019, with 239,000km on the clock. Looks fairly rough and seems to have had a hard life. At the time of sale the seller noted the following:

Pros: running gear in perfect condition , rebuilt diff ($1600), suspension has been replaced , 4 new tyres, runs and drives perfect. Rego til sept.

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This V12 coupe (one of around 8,000 built) was advertised on in June 2019. Despite being a 1996 model the car just missed out on the facelift and a few upgrades (such as side airbags and front/rear sensors). The S600/CL600 coupes have to be one of the best future classic investments available, and prices won't get any lower than what they are now. This one has low mileage, and appears well looked after. Check out the others on the register.

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Not often you see this colour on the C140. Charcoal interior and grey exterior + matching wheels. This example was advertised on hemmings in 2019, and looks in reasonable condition for its age. It is apparently an EU import.Not much was said about the car in the original advertisement but the images tell the story. Great classic.

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Spotted this nice example on M & M Investment Cars. A nice example of the S500, this one from 1996 just before the facelift (no side airbags or reversing sensors etc in the bumpers on this one). Nice looking car, looks great in white. Check out the other S500 coupes on the register below.

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Spotted on Ebay Usa in June 2019, this is a relatively low mileage example in good condition. The C140s, being one of the lowest production S class coupes, are expected to skyrocket in value in the decades ahead, but for the moment (2019), some are available at excellent prices, including this one which sold for less than $10,000 USD. The last of the Bruno Sacco REAL Benz cars. The higgest quality, and you really feel it when you drive them even nearly 30 years after the cars introduction. If you've got one of these rare Benz's, sign up and add yours to the register.