1956 Volkswagen Van T2 Panel Van

This is a very Rare find in Victoria Australia, an original 1956 VW Type 2 (Kombi Van). These cars are very hard to find as VW was known for their lack of rust proofing of their cars during production and most of its brothers have fallen to the test of time. The condition of this particular example is much better than what the photos describe. Most of the original panels are fine and in key places on the chassis there is only surface rust and the van holds most of its structural rigidity.

This is one of the most iconic cars of the 20th century and at the end of June 2017 was at auction on ebay for $7500 with 5 days remaining. This car would be expected to go for above $15,000AUD.

Vehicle details

Added on 19 Jun 2017

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Build date: 
built in January 1956
Manual (floor shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Not Available
Interior Colour/Code: 
Not Available
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: