1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 2 Evolution

Located in Japan, this is one of the rare Evo Pajeros which was built as a homologation special to compete in the Dakar rally. This example was advertised on www.japanesecartrade.com in APril 2019. Looks to be in good condition, with low ks (75,000 on the clock). These cars are exceptionally rare and offer a sports SWB SUV like no other brand provided at the time. Mitsubishi's racing history and success at Dakar is very impressive, and it was the SWBs that led the charge.

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Vehicle details

Added on 22 Apr 2019

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1997
Automatic (floor shift / T bar)
75,000 km
Paint Colour/Code: 
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black cloth
Engine Type: 
6 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: