This "Buyers Guide" / "Identification Guide" has been written to assist people in the accurate identification of a Subaru WRX STI Version 6. This guide refers to the standard Version 6 car, and does not include the 'Type R' or 'Type RA' versions, which will be outlined in another guide. The STI Version 6 was the last of the 'classic' shape or 'GC' generation STI cars produced, and therefore represent great potential as a future classic.

Accurate identification of these cars is therefore important, as many features on this model can be easily replicated on a standard WRX. The Version 6 STI generally demands a price premium above many other classic shape WRX models, and we therefore hope this guide assists you in identifying a genuine car, should you be looking to purchase one. For additional background on the WRX STI Version 6, Classic Register has written an article on why the car is a great future classic chioce - click here to see Classic Register's article.

This guide provides a range of identification criteria for the WRX Version 6 STI, including interior and exterior features, correct engine and chassis number identification and unique mechanical differences. Some basic statistics are outlined below or the Version 6 STI.

Number Produced: 2,000 (sedan), 500 (wagon/hatch). Factory delivered to specific markets in limited numbers including Australia, UK and of course, Japan.

Period of Manufacture: October 1999 - September 2000

This page has been written as a guide only, and should not be relied upon without seeking advice from a professional before purchasing a vehicle. This guide can always be added to or updated, and any additional information from enthusiasts would be greatly appreciated, so please contact us or login and comment at the base of this page, or share this guide with others with the links above!

1. External Features - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The WRX Version 6 STI had the following external features, which provide a good initial basis for identification of a genuine car. Note, however, that many of the features outlined here can be easily replicated on a non genuine Version 6.

Features on both wagon and Sedan:

  • Gold 16” X 7” with 5 X 100 stud pattern, and had originally 205/50/R16 tyres. Offset = ET55. The STI Version 6 was available with two types of wheels, as detailed in the images.
  • Side skirts.
  • STI stickers over foglight covers in front bumper.
  • STI badges (below A pillar on front mudguards).
  • Pink front Subaru badge.


Version 6 STI Sedan unique features:

  • Large rally spoiler with built in brake light sitting on top of bootlid.
  • Large WRX sticker located in the middle of the bootlid.


Version 6 STI Wagon unique features:

  • Double Decker Spoiler (one on roof, one under rear windscreen).
  • Roof racks.
2. Interior Features - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The WRX Version 6 STI has the following interior features listed below. Please note, the majority of these images are of Australian Version 6 cars, and therefore may differ slightly from cars in other markets such as the UK.

  • White backed instrument cluster.
  • Limited edition number plaque on centre of dash/console area (The presence of this will depend on the market. The image shows an Australian STI limmited edition plaque, confirming the car is 1 of 400 factory delivered to Australia. Overseas markets may not have the equivalent badging).
  • Titanium/leather gearknob (depending on market).
  • Race pedals.
  • Black Red STI bucket seats.
  • Momo steering wheel.
  • Subaru CD player.
  • Twin airbags.
  • STI floor mats.

See images for a better description of these items.

3. Original Paint Colours / Codes - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The following factory colours / colour codes were available on the STI Version 6 sedan and hatch/wagon. Samples of these colours have been provided in the images attached.

Body Paint Colours:

  • Pure or Aspen White (Code: 51E)
  • Steel Grey / cool grey (Code: 86F)
  • Royal Silver: (Code: 792)
  • Cashmere Yellow / Sports Yellow (Code: 797)

Wheel Colour:

  • Gold: (Code: GK1)

To determine the original colour of a GC WRX, the paint code is located on the lower left side of the chassis ID plate, as per the attached image.

4. Engine Number and Head Number - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The engine type for a WRX STI Version 6 should be printed on the Vehicle ID tag as EJ207DW2PR. Identifying this on the tag does not guarantee that the engine in the car is correct, as it may have been changed for another engine at some point in the cars life. To confirm that the correct type of engine is in the car, the following needs to be checked.

Engine type casting marks: 

The engine in a WRX Version 6 STI should have a casting mark (about 15mm by 30mm in size) that will say "EJ20" in a rectangular box. The easist place to see this is above the starter motor on the flat edge of the engine block, on the passenger side. Look on top of the block and you will see it behind the alternator / power steering pump area. The block will also have casting marks reading "R20", located on the side of the engine block / on each side of he motor.

R - is the Block Type Code. (R for Open Deck).
20 - is the CC Rating (ie - 2.0L). 

Head type casting marks:

A genuine Version 6 STI will also have specific casting marks on the engine heads. These will be stamped as follows:

Left Side Head: LH C 007 / Right Side Head: RH C 008

See the images for further details with respect to the locations / appearance of these casting marks. The above details will confirm that the engine is the correct phase 2 engine for the Version 6 STI. Unfortunately, there is no way of confirming that it is the original engine in the car (ie - a phase 2 could have been replaced with another phase 2 engine), but this is as close as you can get, and these details should satisfy a picky enthusiast.

5. VIN Number and Model Number - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The Model number / code for a Version 6 WRX STI is outlined below. After some research we have found that the model number of a Version 6 STI in Australia differs to overseas markets.

4 door Sedan Sti V6 =  GC8G4ED in most markets (GC8HKED in Australia - Yes, the same code as the UK P1 WRX).
5 door Wagon Sti V6 = GF8G5ED

This code can be found on the ID tag which should be on the LHS suspension strut, pop riveted to the body.

Also on this ID tag is the VIN Number (above the model number - this is the number unique to that particular car). The VIN number on the ID tag must match the number stamped into the firewall on the RHS of the car (see the images for a better description). Always check for aftermarket welds or tampmering around the firewall / VIN area, as this could be an indication that a car has been re-birthed.

Model Decoding:

The 7 digit "applied model" code found on the vehicle identification plate inside the engine bay is decoded in the following way (Note we will update this decoder for the Australian Model Number as soon as possible):
1. Series code: G = Impreza
2. Body type: F = Wagon / C=Sedan (also used for the coupe in V6 form)
3. Engine type: 8 = 2.0L Turbo
4. Year code A = MY93 / B = MY94 / C = MY95&96 / D = MY97 (facelift) / E = MY98 / F = MY99 / G = MY00 (This is the model year, not necessarily the year of manufacture)
5. Number of doors 2 = 2 door coupe / 4 = 4 door saloon / 5 = 5 door wagon/hatch
6. Model type 8 = WRX / 7 = RA type / E = Sti / D = Sti Type R & RA 
7. Transmission D = 5 Speed Manual AWD P = 4 Speed Automatic AWD

6. Mechanical Features - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Version 6

The Subaru WRX Version 6 STI had the following orginal mechanical features which should be present on an unultered, original car:

  • Phase 2 engine with sodium filled valves and strengthened pistons (This engine can be identified per the casting numbers outlined above at ID requirement #4).
  • The inlet manifold should be painted red.
  • 4 Pot "Subaru" disc brakes on front and 2 pot disc brakes on the rear.
  • Gold 16” X 7” wheels with 5 X 100 stud pattern (originally had 205/50/R16 tyres and an offset of ET55 - meaning an insertion depth of 55mm)
  • The EJ20 motor in the Version 6 STI used an IHI turbo (Older EJ20s used Mitsubishi TD04 or TD05 turbos). There will be a VFXX number as well as some other casting numbers on the turbo. This should be printed or stamped on the front of the compressor housing just above the inlet on the front of it. This is another way you can confirm originalit of the car, however, parrts such as these can always be changed.