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I have owned this car for about 13 years, 10 of which it was out on loan.

genuine unmolested car.

Japanese assembled sold NZ new.

see Facebook Laser TX3 owners, my tx3 page.

engine number unknown added a randem number to register

For sale: 1970 Morris Mini Cooper S (MK1)

This is an early MK2 Australian assembled Cooper S, and according to the Ausmini register was built in January 1970, and complied in February 1970. This was just after the introduction of compliance plates, and this vehicle is a matching number example with its original and refurbished engine fitted.

The car is one of approximately 2,500 MK2s built between 1969 and 1971, making it a very desirable and rare example, particularly over in New Zealand where the car is located. The MK2 Cooper S cars benefited from several upgrades including a full synchro gearbox, flared wheel arches, alternator and numerous other changes differentiating it from the MK1.

This particular example has undergone a full bare metal restoration, with no expense spared, finished in its original GTO Green paint with Crystal White roof. A nice set of period contessa style 10 inch mag wheels have been fitted, and finish off the car nicely. There is nothing to spend and this S is ready to enjoy, representing one of the few genuine MK2 Cooper S vehicles on offer in Australia and New Zealand.

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New Zealand
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GTO Green
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Black vinyl
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Chassis number: 
yg2s4 1485
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Right Hand Drive

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1969 Build Morris Cooper S
Engine type: 
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Chassis number: 
yg2s4 1485
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GTO Green
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Black Vinyl
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New Zealand
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Beautifully Bare metal restoration  . Going buy numbers this is one of the rare changeover Mk1  /Mk2  Models  Has full sincro box  , Build date !969  going by wiper motor date. Full working Hydrolastic  suspension.


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A lovely colour combination on the 1275 GT, Gold on Creme with a gold decal. This one was spotted on trademe in late 2019, looks in solid original condition. Looks to be the correct original motor. At the time it was offered, the seller noted it runs and drives, but the rego was on hold. Check out the others on the 1275 GT register below - lots of NZ cars..

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A very low km example of the S500 coupe, pre-facelift. Looks in great condition, one of very few in NZ. The seller at the time we spotted this one advertised noted the following: 50,087 original, AA certified ks since brand new

Arrow silver two tone with black leather interior, excellent condition

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Another C36 AMG spotted in NZ. This one has been advertised for at least 6 months, still no buyer at $14,995. Low KM at 130,000. Looks in relatively good condition. Like a lot of cars in NZ< we believe this one was a private import, as the seller (dealer) advertise the fact that they import a lot of cars from Japan. 

Check out the others on the register.

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A modern classic benz, the C36 was the first mass produced AMG offering, and these are fast becoming very collectable, especially with low mileage. This particular cat has only 92,000km on the clock - exceptional for its age. Only 5,200 were built in total. This C36 was spotted on Trademe NZ in December 2019. The original advertisement stated that the car had no Kiwi owners - so we presume this car has been imported from Japan or the UK. 

If you've got one, we'd love to see more added to the register so the details of these modern classics can be kept alive.

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This is the first Daytona we've spotted on NZ, this one found on asking $18,500 in November 2019. Looks solid, however, has a modified engine bay paint job. I think we'd prefer the original Horizon Green metallic paint..The seller at the time noted: The car is basically how it come from the States, faded paint, no hood liner, put a set of 15x6 Cragars on it and drove it.

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This customised GTO was advertised on trademe NZ ni November 2019. Interesting modifications - this one has a fuel injected motor setup, and electric windows so u can easily wind all 4 windows down and cruise with the pillerless windows. A bit or rust and scrapes, but looks like its worth spending some money on - wouldnt take much to get it looking great.

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It was obviously a very popular colour in NZ - of the few GTs we have on the register here, the Brown / Bronze GTs are the most numerous. This one looks to be in great condition, and was asking $10K NZD in Oct 2019 on The owner noted at the time that the carpet is original, and in great condition. Seats look to have an aftermarket re-trim in similar to original colours..