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The latest 998 on the reguster, a niew nugget gold example which looks to be fairly original, other than the twin carbs. The seller at the time noted it runs and drives well, low ks as has spent many years in storage, no rust has some dents but hasn't been messed with, original Nugget gold paint, trim etc on club reg could be resprayed but has nice presentable patina on 40yr old paint. The are only original once.

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Rare DR30 - the second one that's come up in as many months in Australia. Would love to see more, as prices are rising for these 80s classics. EFfectively the GTR of the mid-80s. This one was asking $35k in June 2018.

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This MK1 Cooper S was advertised on Gumtree Australia in June 2018, asking $31,000. Non original BRG paint (originally all Toga White according to the ID plate). 

The seller noted they have had the car for 19 years. Bosy and interior described as being in excellent condition.

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Owner since 1983.Took car to Qld from NZ in 1995.Back now in NZ (2014) under going restore .

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Numbers matching engine, reconditioned, bored 20thou 1290cc, new pistons bearings etc. Re-jetted and tuned weber dcd 28/36 (25/26) carb, performance manifold and K&N filter, also SU hif44 carb with BFY needle, manifold and performance filter. LCB exhaust manifold into straight through exhaust. Havent had head off but looks to be ported, also cam has not been out so cannot confim grind but idle is lumpy and engine ran very strong. 

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This is a rare Euro spec Cortina 1500 GT, found for sale on Ebay UK in June 2018. Looks in very original condition, but we suspect a bit of rust hidden under the burgundy paint, with the sills looking a bit filled with bog. According to the seller, the car was originally from Greece.

Check out the others on the Cortina GT register.


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This nice example of an early MKII Corona was advertised on craigslist in June 2018, asking $8,500. The seller at the time noted the following details: I have a very straight 1970 Toyota Corona Mark II - 2 door hardtop coupe . This little car is a Very Rare Collector Car and could very well be the only 1/2 Vinyl Top left in the States....

the Vin# RT72-156797 and the mileage is shown in the pic of the odometer.