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Nice SVD GTS available in May of 2018 - advertised on Ebay Australia originally, asking $12,000.

One of 200 built, this being SVD build number 072.

See the others on the SVD GTS Nissan Register (Both GTS1 and GTS2s). See also our GTS2 information guide,

Vehicle Location: Country: 

Another Australian GT turns up in NZ - the third Home on Th'Orange coloured GT!

Looks to be relatively original other than its stripes and a few other details. What a great restoration project, At the time of sale it was offered on in May 2018 - asking $25,000.00.

If you have a GT, please sign-up and add your car.

Vehicle Location: Country: 

The first one on the register - these older 626 coupes have been ignored in the past, but offer an interesting rear drive Japanese alternative to the more common offerings out there. The styling is subjective - very much a car of the early 80s in style, but it's coming back in fashion a bit. Don't know too much about these 626 coupes - but this one was demanding a bit at $11K on in May 2018.

If you have a CB Mazda 626 coupe, add yours to the register and tellus a bit more about them. 

Vehicle Location: Country: 

Another bronze 1275 GT has popped up on Maybe it's chance, but this colour seems to be quite prominent there.. Quite an original example on offer here (May 2018) - an easy restoration project, presuming rust isn't too bad.

Take a look at the others on the Mini 1275 GT register.

Vehicle Location: Country: 

The first MK3 Cooper S added to Classic Register - we're working on an information guide for these, a very rare Cooper S variety. This one was originally advertised on Ebay UK, and looks tou be a real survivor, with original paint and trim. Not much else is knowni about the car, and the seller at the time provided limited details. At the time of sale (2017 I think), it was asking a big $30,000 GBP.

If you have a rare MK3 Cooper S, please sign-up and add yours to Classic Register. 

Vehicle Location: Country: 

This has matching numbers throughout, including the original Engine (Engine number also matches).

Have a look at the others on the Morris Cooper S Register. For more information, see Classic Register's MK1 Cooper S guide.

Vehicle Location: Country: 

A rare New Zealand 1275 GT in white and gold. Not sure whether the seat trim in this example is original. This one was advertised on in May 2018 - asking aronud $10K NZD.

Check out all of the 1275 GT Minis on the Mini 1275 GT register.

At the time, the seller noted the following: 

Vehicle Location: Country: 

Thought it would be nice to find another GTO Galant to add to the register. This amazing restoration project is detailed further at the following link:

I grabbed a few of the best pictures and added them to the cars profile here on Classic Register.

Vehicle Location: Country: 

Asking big $$ at $65,500, advertised on in April 2018. It's not all to original spec, with a MK2 cylinder head and gearbox, but otherwise is a matching numbers car. A nixe example how good the Indigo Blue colour looks on the Australian Cooper S.