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Honda city turbo 1 widebody custom
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Bare metal respray from Silver to Rosso Competizione. Stock engine,2.5inch exhaust.
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Honda City Turbo II on Lots of work done to this one.

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The current owner (who lives in Canberra), picked up this LS in Wangaratta Victoria in 2018. The car appears to have been painted in a grey colour (not sure what the original colour was) - but looks to be in reasonably good condion, has the rear LS badge and the correct chassis prefix.

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Found on, this is one of very few Turbo II Honda City cars in the US. Not sure how old this advertisement is, but the seller stated at the time that the car was one of just 4.

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This Honda Turbo II was spotted on Modified in a few ways, it's a Japanese imprt, which is why the VIN is shorter than US manufactured vehicles. This VIN # appears on ALL DOCUMENTS including the U.S. Customs Release, Virginia Title, and Registration.

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WRX STi Spec C Limited, genuine original condition as it left the factory.