For sale: 1978 Leyland Mini 1275 LS


One of approximately 800 1275 LS cars built, this QLD based LS is finished in its original Nugget Gold paint and chocolate brown cloth / creme vinyl trim. The last of the Australian Mini models (excluding the Moke), the LS received a number of unique features which placed it at the top of the Australian Mini range at the time, and was only available in one other colour, Hi-Ho Silver.

This example runs and drives, and is an original car where it really counts. The modifications made to this car are all easily reversed, such as the steering wheel, contessa style wheels and a number of other small items which are easily replaced or sourced. Click this link to see a short video of the car running.

The engine bay is largely unmodified, with all original pollution gear, firewall insulation and several factory stickers still in place. The car retains its factory single 1.5 inch SU carby, and its 8.4 inch disc brakes. It has been repainted at some point in its life which has prevented any significant deterioration. The body is very solid, with limited rust.

The seller confirms the car's numbers (engine and chassis) accord with original records for the vehicle, and those numbers do appear correct according to our register, and research.

This particular car is the earliest body number we've found on our register of over 100 1275 LS vehicles collected over the last 5+ years. Although chassis numbers were not necessarily consecutive at the Leyland factory, there is a correlation between the body numbers and the months of compliance in the data we have.

This car shares a "12H879UH" engine prefix with the next two cars whose chassis numbers closely follow on our register – both being July 1978 built cars. This is an interesting coincidence and provides some evidence suggesting the "12H879UH" prefix engines were fitted to the earliest of the cars, before the stock of "12H902UH" engines started being fitted (which is the prefix applicable to the vast majority of the cars).

This LS will be sold without a roadworthy certificate. To arrange an inspection or for further information, please contact the seller by signing in and clicking the button at the top of this page.

For further information on these cars, take a look at the Mini 1275 LS information guide.

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Vehicle details

Paint colour/code: 
Nugget Gold
Interior colour/code: 
Brown cloth, creme vinyl
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
Engine type: 
Engine fuel type: 
Chassis number: 
Other ID/number: 
One of approx. 800
Body type: 
Driver seating position: 
Right Hand Drive