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This information guide covers the Australian Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO vehicles. The XW was the third generation Falcon GT produced by Ford Australia, and the first to offer the HO (Handling Option) homologation model. The XW GT was sold exclusively to the Australian market, however, CKD kits were exported to South Africa from 1970 where the vehicle was sold as the “Fairmont GT”.

The XW GT was based on the Fairmont trim specification, and received a significant number of performance upgrades to make the car competitive in Australian production touring car racing. Ford’s efforts to succeed culminated in the GT-HO vehicles which were produced in sufficient numbers to allow the cars to compete in Class E touring car events, and more specifically to allow the cars to compete and win the famous Bathurst endurance race at Mount Panorama. An outright victory at Bathurst was achieved in the 1970 Hardie-Ferodo 500, with Allan Moffat at the wheel of a XW GT-HO Phase II. The performance specifications, racing success and relative scarcity of the XW GTs have made the cars highly desirable among collectors, particularly in Australia.

This guide provides a detailed outline of the XW GTs specifications and unique features. If you have additional information that could improve this guide, please contact the author by clicking the button above.

Period of manufacture:

XW Falcon GT: May 1969 – October 1970

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase I: July 1969 – October 1970 (However, officially released in August)

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase I ½: March 1969 – April 1970

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase II: June 1970 – October 1970

Note, a pilot batch of 11 XW GTs were sent down the production line in May 1969. Of those 11, 4 were retained by Ford Motor Company, with the remaining cars sent to various dealers to be sold off.

Production numbers:

XW Falcon GT: 2,287

XW Falcon GT-HO (Total): 662

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase I (Windsor): 201 (Kennedy) 375 – may include 1.5 (Unique cars)

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase I ½: 50 (Kennedy) 57 (

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase II: 411 (Kennedy) 287 (unique cars) 292 (

1. Exterior features - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO
  • Styling of the XW falcon was the responsibility of Jack Telnack who led the XW design team. The car was significantly differentiated from the XR, moving further away from its US-derived original design (It was a design from Dearborn Michigan).
  • Available only as a 4-door sedan.
  • Side body stripe decals ran the full length of the car above the wheel arches (just below the body panel crease), taking a down turn at the front guard with “Super Roo” logos. The down turn at the front guard was unique to the XW GT. The stripes could be deleted as an option.
  • Twin Quartz-iodine driving lights incorporated into the front grille.
  • Offset bonnet scoop (directing  airflow to the brake master cylinder)
  • Bonnet locking pins (one pin fitted to each side of the bonnet held by steel wire).
  • Blacked out grille.
  • Blacked out sill panels, bonnet panels (a delete option), upper door frames and rear tail light panel
  • “Ford GT” badge on front passenger-side grille.
  • “351 High Performance GT” red and chrome finish badges applied to front guards and rear trunk blackout panel.
  • “Falcon” text badge across the rear passenger trunk lid blackout panel.
  • Front and rear bumper over-riders were a common optional accessory.
  • Rear spoiler.
  • Twin exhaust pipes
  • Optional black of parchment vinyl roof.
  • Wheels and tyres:
    • From introduction to February 1970: 6 inch x 14 inch Kelsey Hayes riveted ‘12 slot’ steel rims.  with ER 70 x 14 HR Dunlop SP or Olympic ‘Wide Ride’ radial ply tyres
    • From February 1970 (Falcon says May 1970): 6 inch x 14 inch Kelsey Hayes riveted ‘5 slot’ steel rims with ER 70 x 14 HR Dunlop SP or Olympic ‘Wide Ride’ radial ply tyres

Hubcaps for both wheels were plain, flat dishes. The Canadian riveted wheels have a reputation for having pressing splits where the hub sticks through the rim. The rivets can be seen on the top-side of the rims (by inspecting under the tyres).

  • Colour keyed bullet racing mirror.
  • Chrome plated mesh stone guards over headlights.


  • The only distinuguishing feature of the GT-HO from the exterior was the black plastic front spoiler lower spoiler. Many GTs have been retrofitted with this feature.
2. Interior features and trim - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO
  • Fairmont specification trim.
  • Door card and seat trim colours included:
    • Dark Saddle Vinyl (trim code “K”); or
    • Black Vinyl (trim code “B”).

Seat vinyl trim included woven insert panels on the squab and backs, or optional cloth insert panels. If cloth insert panels were optioned, a “2” would follow the trim code on the vehicle’s data plate. Note, the XW trim colour “Dark Saddle” is actually lighter than the XY GT’s Dark Saddle trim.

There are believed to be only 14 GTs/GT-Hos made with dark saddle trim and cloth inserts (see Australian Muscle Car Magazine April 2015). Some of these cars had a spectrum coloured insert known as “Hawaiian pack”.

There were also 3 XW GTS made with burgundy trim (Code []) and one with grey trim (Code []).

  • Black deep pile carpeting was applied to all XW GTs.
  • Teak woodgrain panels integrated into the dashboard and door cards (as applied to Fairmont specification).
  • GT-HO had “GT-HO” on glovebox
  • Standard GT had “GT” on the glovebox
  • Both had “351 High Performance” badge on the centre console.
  • Padded 3-spoke wood rimmed steering wheel with rim squeeze horn button (the wheel containing a neoprene strip insert).
  • Instruments:
    • Speedometer calibrated to 140 mph
    • Tach calibrated to 6,000 RPM for Windsor’s and 8000 rpm for Cleveland’s.
    • Fuel
    • oil pressure
    • Water temp gauges
    • Ignition, high beam and brake warning system lights
    • Electric analogue clock).
  • Teak woodgrain panels
  • Rear folding centre arm rest
  • Optional push-button radio (note – provision was made for the fitting of a radio in the dashboard design).
  • Optional SelectAire air-conditioning.
3. Paint colours and codes - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

The below chart outlines the colours available for the XW GT and GT-HO, including the production numbers in each of those colours.

Paint code Name GT GT-HO Total
R Diamond White 634 123 757
G Candy Apple Red 402 114 514
Y Grecian Gold Metallic 274 61 335
M Reef Green 292 72 364
K Starlight Blue Metallic 241 58 299
8 Silver Fox Metallic 213 43 256
F117 Brambles Red   9  
H Track Red 19 37 56
A Polar White 21 7 28
S Electric Blue 8 13 21



VIN / chassis number - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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Vehicle data plate - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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Mechanical specifications - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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Original documentation - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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South African XW Fairmont GT - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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References - Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO

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