1930 Austin Seven Chummy (sedan)

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This Austin Seven was recently for sale in early 2014, and was reportedly owned by a Mr. Helliwell for over 20 years prior to this sale.

The car is a late model Chummy, with headlights located more conventionally at the front of the car. A large amount of work is described as being done to the car according to the advertisement, by H. Horsfield & Son of Halifax in 2009 and 2010. This included a complete rebuild of the front axle, brakes, kingpins, re-spoked wheels where required, a rebuild of the clutch and flywheel and more. The clinder head was also re-built in 2008. We note that the last known registration of this car was CV 1583.

If anyone has anymore information on this car, or who the current owner is, please let us know so we can complete this register. If you have an Austin 7 which you would like to add to teh Austin 7 Register, please sign up to classic register, so we can document the remaining cars as best as possible. The car in the Youtube video is not the same car, but similar, and gives you an idea what this one is like.

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Added on 17 Nov 2014

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United Kingdom
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built in 1930
Manual (floor shift)
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Petrol (4 stroke)
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