1974 BMW 02 Series 2002 Tii Coupe

This 'tii' represents a very clean example of BMWs early fuel injected 2002 series, available here on Ebay USA, with little time to run. The 2002 series is now highly collectable, and particularly so in 'tii' form.

Originally a Californian car, the factory paint colour has thankfully been retained in a recent re-spray, and only minor modifications have been made. Of most benefit, we think, was the fitting of the European bumpers – which are far more in keeping with the cars classic lines than the ‘dodgem car’ bumpers applied to U.S. market cars during the early 70s.

These classic BMWs offer you a lot despite their age. There’s of course the fuel injection, front disc brakes, a close ration 4 speed box and better driving vision than you’ll find in most other cars, due to the tall glass and thin pillars which characterised many BMWs of this era. It also doesn’t hurt that they look great, and their Italian styling provides a clear link to their designer Giovanni Michelotti, who is regarded as one of the most prolific sports car designers of the 20th Century.

With a ‘buy it now’ price tag of 26,000 USD, it’s not on the cheap side, but we look forward to seeing whether the seller receives any offers during the remaining time of the auction. Indeed, there appear to be a couple of 'tii' cars online at this point asking a bit less, but as they get thinner on the ground, these unique coupes will likely continue an upward price trend.

We will post the auction result here once it’s done, so keep an eye out. If you're looking at buying a 'tii', check out Classic Register's BMW 2002 Tii ID-guide here.

Vehicle details

Added on 5 Apr 2016

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United States
Build date: 
built in 1974
Manual (floor shift)
73,000 miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Granatrot Metallic Red
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black vinyl
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: