1975 Chevrolet Vega (Cosworth)

This example was advertised on Ebay in July 2017, asking $5,950 (USD).  This car is a local car that comes with a lot of paperwork - build number 0879 of 3,508. It has the Twin Cam engine still intact. WThe seller notes that they drove the car a year ago but have not started it since. Should start and drive without a lot of work. Car looks to be all original and need a restoration. The body is very straight. Everything is there.

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Vehicle details

Added on 12 Jul 2017

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United States
Build date: 
built in 1975
Manual (floor shift)
73,570 miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Black acrylic lacquer (Gold pin-striping)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black vinyl
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: