1976 Leyland Mini 998 LS

This is the info from 2018. I have recently bought this car in 2020. Read further below for more info.

The car is in orriginal condition very good for its age, 

since looking up the vin/chassis NO 022D2S1MO923702 This no has appeared in classic magazine,stating you now have 3 of these non performing cars on your regester and they had a chassis number frefix 022D2S1MO9 1977models built in febuary [mine was built in november 1976],

I have been told the number 1 after the S repesents the first of the new model roduced being the 998cc LS model,

This car was also fitted with  all the extras as advertized in classic regester NEW MINI LS THIS YEARS GREATEST VALUE ON FOUR WHEELS,

BACK TO THE CAR, the woman i purchased it from told me it had been in her familly for 20 years her mother called it her shopping trolley, as it was only used to go to the shops,The woman started to restore th car by removing the cgeam vynle roof 7 STARTED TO HAVE A SMALL ENT ON THE FRONT MUDGUARD ON THE PASSENGER SIDETHE GOLD STRIPES ON THE SIDE OF THE BODY WITH LS MINI WERE REMOVED ABOUT 4 YEARS AGO GETTING TATTY ALSO THE SEATS WERE REUPHOLSTERED IN EARLY 2017 IN BLACK BUT THESE WILL BE RECOVERED IN CREAM OR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE THE THE ORIGINAL COLOUR,


May 2020

I have recently bought this mini. it is now a different color (a metallic blue). It is partially stripped ready for a respray. But it runs, and it is still genuine, no rust repairs ever made. No rust at all. 

I will be painting the car the same color it is now. It hasnt been started in a long time untill tonight, new plugs and fired right up. Id love to hear more history about this car if anybody has any. 

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Added on 8 May 2020

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built in November 1976
Manual (floor shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Not Available
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Engine Type: 
4 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
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Chassis Number: