1977 Leyland Mini 998 LS

This car, along with the nugget gold version of the 998 LS represent the most rare of all production mini's. This mini has clearly been restored in the original Iridium Dulux green, with gold stripes (as was also original).  It is said that only approximately 8 of the green and 8 of the gold 998LS cars were manufactured, in order to test the waters for the upcoming 1275 LS.  From my understanding, these green and gold cars were distributed to dealers around the country to guage a response in order to make an informed decision for the 1275 model. 

In 1977, the LS was the top model at the time, benefiting from all possible options available from the mini parts bin - which I have briefly summarised in the factory options section below. This model was followed by the limited run 1275 LS, of which we also have a reasonable register on classicregister.com.

This car was last for sale in Baulkham Hills NSW, in September 2012. If anyone has any other information about the current status of the car - and also any information about the correct engine number, please contact us through classic register.

A comprehensive identification guide for the 998LS can be found here: http://classicregister.com/content/how-identify-1977-1978-leyland-mini-998-ls

Vehicle details

Added on 11 Oct 2014

Vehicles are added to the register for historical record purposes by owners and enthusiasts. If you have a question about this vehicle, please contact the user that added the vehicle by clicking "Contact Author" below.

Vehicle Location: Country: 
Lask known Baulkham Hills NSW DEC 2012
Engine Number: 
Unknown (please contact us if you know)
Build date: 
built in August 1977
Paint Colour/Code: 
Dulon Dulux Green - Iridium 562-17329
Interior Colour/Code: 
Cream spotted cloth / nylon like fabric seats with cream vinyl backing, black carpet, door trims and cream roof lining
Chassis Number: 
Manual (floor shift)
Body Type: 
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)

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