This mini is a late model 998 LS, as indicated on its ID tag. 78 model 998 LS's had a similar ID tag to the 1275 LS, however, instead of an identification of XNFAD, they had an ID of XNFAB.  The ID tag also did not specify "LS", as was the case with pre 78 models. This is my understanding of it, but please correct me if you know otherwise.

Like the green 998 LS, this Gold LS is one of about 8 built, as a test case before production of the 1275 LS.  It seems that this colour got a good response, as it was of course carried over and used on the 1275 LS, which looks very similar to this car.

A comprehensive identification guide for the 998LS can be found here:

The 998 LS was a top spec mini, however, missed out on the more powerful 1275cc engine provided in the LS, and also did not come with front disc brakes.

If anyone nows what ended up happening with this car, please let pus know, soi we can update the mini LS register. Any information about other LS minis would also be appreciated. Simply click our username to view our contact details, or comment below.

Vehicle details

Vehicle Location: Country: 
Unknown (if you know, please contact us)
Engine Number: 
Unknown (please contact us if you know)
Build date: 
built in April 1978
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
Paint Colour/Code: 
Nugget Gold: Dulon, Paint Code 562-30825
Interior Colour/Code: 
Brown Cloth seats, cream vinyl seat backing and door trims, creme head lining
Chassis Number: 
Manual (floor shift)
Other ID/Number: 
Not Applicable
Body Type: 
Current Owner: 
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)