1980 Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 (sedan)

This Ford Escort RS2000 is one of approximately 2,400 built in Australia in MK2 form, and certainly one of far fewer original vehicles left. The Australian MK2 RS Escorts were produced in both 2-door and 4-door body styles, with the 4-door version the only RS-2000 sedan produced in the world. Very occasionally these cars come up in such an original state as this one, which is currently listed on Gumtree Australia. This car represents a unique, original example, which is particularly hard to come by these days. We’ve often seen these RS2000 escorts heavily modified, with SR20 motors and 5-speed gearboxes fitted, but it’s not so common to find such a preserved original.

The owner explains that this is a matching numbers car, which is confirmed by the shots of the data / compliance plates and engine number. We also note it has the correct 11938 model code on the data plate, confirming it is in fact a genuine RS2000. The photographs provided by the seller are not the best, but generally give the impression that the car has been kept in dry storage as stated by the seller, meaning that its original state has been well preserved compared to others. With regard to any issues, the seller only notes a couple of problems with the interior and the need for some brake and clutch work to get it in roadworthy condition. With its original 'Snow White' paint (one of 5 colours available with the exception of some special order colours), the car appears in a good original state externally, retaining its rear RS2000 decal (unfortunately we can't spot the side decals from the images provided).

To distinguish the RS2000 from other models in the Escort range, a number of aesthetic and mechanical changes were made. On the outside, the RS2000 received the revised quad headlamp sloping front, RS2000 decals, a rear spoiler, wrap-around rear bumpers, and were commonly fitted with the optional ‘Volante’ alloy wheels (steel rims were fitted as standard). Inside, the cars had a unique RS dashboard with tachometer and oil pressure gauges, an RS 3-spoke steering wheel, passenger glovebox, radio, and ‘Scheel’ cloth sports seats. In addition to the 2.0l over-head cam engine, mechanically the RS2000 was fitted with a 4-speed quick shift gearbox, tweaked suspension, and power front disc brakes. A 3-speed automatic transmission was also available, but the most common selection was of course the manual.

In terms of this car's value, asking $16,000 (AUD) as a starting point for negotiation is probably not far out of line. On the assumption that there are no major rust issues, you are already potentially saving thousands compared to buying another RS2000 suffering severely from rust (unfortunately, a common trait). There is another 4-door RS2000 currently on Ebay, with bidding at around $10,000 (AUD) and a couple of days left on the clock. That car is fairly original (other than the fitting of a 5-speed gearbox), and the seller has the matching number block to go with the car (although not currently fitted). It also has no rust issues, but has had some rust repairs completed in the past. Although not as 'untouched' as the white RS2000, it will be interesting to watch where the bidding goes on that red car, which should provide us with some sort of price indication for the white car.

We think this white RS2000 represents a good investment opportunity, particularly if it can be obtained at under $15,000 (AUD), and on the assumption that there are no rust issues. With original RS Escorts so thin on the ground these days, combined with low initial production numbers, the car will surely continue to see value increases in future. The impact of the British enthusiasts also has to be taken into account here, as the sedan version of the RS2000 represents a unique offering not available in their home market, and undoubtedly British enthusiasts will be looking increasingly overseas as their local market dries up of original cars in this sort of condition.

We've now put a few RS cars in addition to this one on the register which you can see here, and will continue to do so, focussing in particular on the most original cars we can find as they come up. We currently have a very short ‘ID-guide’ for the MK1 RS1600 here and MK1 RS2000 here, and will endeavour to undertake a refresh of those guides, and introduce new detailed ID-guides for the MK2 RS cars in the near future. Stay tuned, and please get in touch with us if you have information on these unique cars to assist with future ID-guides - enthusiast knowledge of these cars is essential to producing the best information on the web. To receive updates on the most interesting cars added to the register, and new classic vehicle ID-guides, please like our Facebook page.

Vehicle details

Added on 1 Jun 2016

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in July 1980
Manual (floor shift)
94912 (Original km from new)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Snow White (Ford Code: 9)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black vinyl (Code B)
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
As per chassis number
Chassis Number: