1982 Datsun Stanza SSS Sedan

These very rarely come up for sale, and most have been left to either rust away in a yard or ditched at the wreckers years ago. This one was advertised on Ebay Australia in March 2016, with no reserve in March 2017. These cars have all the SSS appointments including; sports steering wheel, full instrumentation, unique SSS interior and factory alloy wheels. This pocket rocket has the punchy 1600 engine and 5 speed 'rally' gearbox. 3rd owner, original log books. The images suggest that the car needs a full restoration, however, the seller notes that it runs and drives. It was last registered 2014. 

Unique Cars and Parts makes some interesting notes about these cars which we've copied below:

In 1981 Datsun released the Stanza SSS, a worthwhile revision of the original package. Although it appeared to many to merely be a dress-up deal with front air dam and striking paint finish, the SSS actually went a great deal further than that. For a start, there was a five speed gearbox. This is the first time a locally manufactured Datsun had been fitted with such a transmission. The transmission itself was a fully imported unit featuring a .852 overdrive top. First, second and third gear ratios were lowered to provide a bit more pep from standstill. The final drive ratio was dropped from 3.7 to 3.889 as well, so the SSS was definitely a far more sporty proposition than before.

Transmission apart, the engine was the same 1600cc unit as fitted to the ordinary GL and GX Stanzas. Suspension changes improved both ride and handling. The Datsun 200B variable ratio recirculating ball steering box replaced the old linear ratio type. The whole car was lowered slightly to improve road holding, and the front sway bar was increased in diameter. At the rear, variable rate coil springs were fitted together with a sway bar. Shock absorbers front and rear were uprated to complement the alterations of course.

Making as much as possible out of all these changes, Datsun included a new design of alloy wheel in the SSS's standard specification. These were made by ROH and they sure looked the goods. For practical purposes, these lighter wheels also added their bit to the Stanza's improved road holding and handling. External colours for the Stanza SSS were silver sheen, signal yellow, white and red. The bottom part of the body in each case was black, while the side striping varied according to the colour chosen. Starting a trend which continued with future models - until ultimately the Datsun brand left Australian shores - there were no Datsun badges on the car, "Stanza SSS" being picked out in block letters on the tail, with "SSS" motifs down either flank.

Inside the original design of locally made seat was retained, but the cloth facing had the "SSS" motif incorporated into it in a fine subtle manner. Certainly it was a good deal less garish than the red white and blue of the 200B SX. Full instrumentation included a tachometer for the first time on a Stanza. Also included were intermittent wipers, a laminated windscreen, and ram air ventilation. Air-conditioning was available as an optional extra. On the road motoring journalists found the Stanza SSS would handle in a very predictable manner, with the suspension well controlled under the most arduous of conditions. Although final understeer was still the main steering characteristic, initial response had been improved tremendously. The transition from throttle-on, to throttle-off oversteer was very gentle making the SSS a pretty safe vehicle for even the most adventurous "mug lair."

One of the major criticisms levelled at the Stanza SSS was concerning the gearshift, which was exactly the same as the Pulsar in layout. First was to the left and back, leaving the normal first gear slot for reverse. This incorporated the same annoying bleeper which annoyed so many Pulsar owners. Launch pricing on the Stanza SSS in Australia was $6950. This compared well with the GL's $6149 and the GX at $6439.

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Added on 17 Mar 2017

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built in 1982
Manual (floor shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Two tone White over Black
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Not Available
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Petrol (4 stroke)
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