1982 Ford Fairmont Ghia XE Sedan (ESP Option)

This one came up for sale in August 2020 through Grays Online - see the link here to the original listing: https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0020-20007015/?mode=preview.

This is an original ESP, 6-cylinder carby (only a couple of hundred believed to have been produced). This example has just over 150,000km, and did very well at auction, selling for $43,209. This is an amazing price for a 6-cylinder car, which aren't all that different from the standard XE Fairmont Ghias which you can get a good example of for a third of that price. Interesting to see that such a following has developed for these cars - they really are being treated as the GTs of the X series Fords!

Vehicle details

Added on 29 Aug 2020

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1982
Automatic (floor shift / T bar)
152,000 km
Paint Colour/Code: 
Silver Grey over Charcoal (code 4)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Gunmetal Grey (Code M).
Engine Type: 
6 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: