1984 Ford Falcon XE GL Sedan S Pack

An original and unrestored example of these now rare S-Pak Falcons. This one is a factory 4-speed manual, and although it looks a bit scrappy, the body is extremely solid and the seller suggesting there is virtually no rust. The car has its original engine, and most of its original interior, however, is missing the gearbox, which wouldn't be too difficult to pick up.

This one was spotted on Ebay Australia in March 2017, with a classified price of $1,650. A great entry level project.

Vehicle details

Added on 21 Mar 2017

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1984
Automatic (floor shift / T bar)
207,741 km
Paint Colour/Code: 
Sno White (Code 9)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Grey cloth
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
See chassis number
Chassis Number: