1986 Charade Daihatsu Gen 2 Charade G11 Turbo Hatch (5 Door)

A nice original G11 Turbo spotted for sale on Gumtree Australia in May 2021.Looks to be in good condition for its age with limited rust. It has its original snowflake wheels, trim, but relatively high Ks. Many of these have disappeared over the years.. Time to preserve the details of those left! This one was asking $6,500 at the time..

The seller at the time noted the following: 

1: The motor is running great with no leaking fluids.
2: I just spent $650 in January for the listed items below:
1: Ignition Leads (Bosh)
2: Dizzy Cap
3: Rotor Button
4: Oil Pressure Switch
5: service including: Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, spark plugs.
3: It has had a top end rebuild about 12months ago, with new Valves, valve stem seals, valve springs, new head bolts. There's probably more I don't know about as I'm not the mechanic that did the work. but it was done at a performance Head work business, the guy that did the work is an engineer so I have no doubt it was all done to high standards, I also got him to die grind some CC's (Cubic Centimetres) out of the head at the top of the piston chamber, this was done to lower the compression so the motor would handle higher boost. But I still only run the turbo at 10psi boost (stock boost is 7psi) so it's not getting pushed too hard at all.
4: It's never been raced or trashed by P platers, I bought it from the original owner that was an older gentleman in his 70's.
5: Good tread on tyres including the spare tyre.
6: About 10months rego (runs out on 5th of January 2022)
7: Has had a new radiator put in before I bought it (never goes past half way on the temp gauge) (has never overheated!)
8: Original A/C works fine.
9: Ignition has been replaced (still same key as the doors key)
10: No cracks in dash but a boost gague was put in before I bought it.
11: Still has original radio.
12: It still has the green turbo light in the dash which turns on when in boost.
13: I replaced the large fuel pump computer,
14: A new fuel pump put in the tank.
15: It's a great little car that is super cheap on fuel.
16: I would have no problem driving to Queensland and back if I had to, it is very reliable..
17: Service done every 5000klms
18: Door cards look to be in good condition with no speaker holes cut into them, but 1 small cut in the drivers door card.

Vehicle details

Added on 19 May 2021

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1986
Manual (floor shift)
245,000 km
Paint Colour/Code: 
Interior Colour/Code: 
Red and black cloth sports seats
Engine Type: 
3 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: