1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec N1

1 of 37 R34 GT-R V-Spec N1 - although Wiki purports that 45 were manufactured. This was the first N1 made after a preproduction run of 5. I'm very privileged to own this N1; a lightened up version of the BNR34 weighing in at below 1500Kg.
Appearances of this car are in * Performance Imports Mag #161, * Performance Garage Mag #11, * GT-R Mag #120
Nismo Add-ons include * LMGT Magnesium wheels at 6.9Kg each, * Titanium F Strut Brace, * S-Tune Suspension * Air Intake, * Plenum, * Oil/Air Separator, * Twin Plate Clutch, * Instrument Cluster at Factory, * Skirts and Rear Pods, * S-Tune F Bar  
319.5wKw at 21psi with a stock N1 engine/turbos other than breathing and fuel supply upgrades.

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Added on 11 Mar 2016

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built in 1999
Manual (floor shift)
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Not Available
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Petrol (4 stroke)
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Many thanks go to * Iron Chef for importing this great and very rare N1. Terrific thanks go to * JLM for prepping this GT-R weapon. Thanks also go to * Skylinesaustralia.com for various rare parts, * Just Jap for specific parts, * Eugene Chan for expert detailing, * DVS Tuning for a wonderful tune, * Matthew Everingham Photography * Eric Tang Photography at Performance Imports Mag, * KJM Photography, * God_speed Photography.