2003 Proton Satria GTi Hatch

Just came on Ebay UK in July 2021 - the selller noted that there were just 80 left on the UK roads (but I'm sure there are many more sitting in sheds as projects!).

At the time it was offered, the seller noted the car is complete and was running until the week before listing, everything was working fine, ran great, windows work both sides which is unusual for these and all other electrics, Central locking, Standard recaro interior and suspension / handling set up by lotus originally, rally guys love these for road / off road rallying 

This one has a good shell, good sills and arches and back seat area which are all common areas where they rust.. The cam belt came off last week, didn't snap, i think the tensioner bearing or something has come lose, so belt is off pulleys so a good chance the top end has bent valves, it still turns over, but fast like little or no compression 

These things are becoming uber rare now!

Vehicle details

Added on 18 Jul 2021

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United Kingdom
Build date: 
built in 2003
Manual (floor shift)
97,000 miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Interior Colour/Code: 
Grey/black cloth
Engine Type: 
4 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: