This identification guide has been written to assist people who are looking at purchasing or restoring a genuine R32 GTR V-Spec II. For the V-Spec I GTR, please click here. The V-Spec II was the last V-SPec version of the R32 GTR Skyline to be produced, and being a limited edition model, is now particularly sought after among an increasing number of enthusiasts.

The V-Spec II was built by Nissan to celebrate the GTR's success in both Group N and Group A racing, the same reason the V-Spec I was built. Production of the V-Spec II commenced on 14 February 1994, with just over 1300 cars produced.

There are several unique features to look for in the GTR V-Spec cars, as opposed to their standard GTR counterparts. Accurate identification of these cars is very important given that they tend to demand a price premium above many other GTRs in the R32 range. The below information summarises what you should be looking for, from basic appearance and mechanical details, through to the correct engine and chassis number details.

  • Number produced: 1,306 (as confirmed on
  • Period of Manufacture: 14 February 1994 – 20 October 1994


Please note, this guide has been written based on a variety of online sources and enthusiast input. You should not rely on this guide to make any purchasing decision and we make no representation that all information is accurate. You should always seek independent professional advice when looking to purchase a unique car. If you have additional information, photographs or corrections you believe need to be made to this page, please contact us by clicking the button at the top of this page, or comment below

1. Exterior Features - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The R32 GTR V-Spec II had the following external features, which make a good starting point in the identification of a genuine car. Note, many external features of the V-Spec GTR's are the same as the standard R32 GTR, therefore, only unique features have been outlined in this section.

  • Fitted with BBS 17x8JJ cast aluminium road wheels with an offset of 30, with Potenza RE010Z 245/45/17 tyres (wider than V-Spec I).
  • Skyline “S” on the centre cap of the BBS wheels, with "Nissan", "BBS" and size casting marks around the wheel hub area (as pictured).
  • 4 pot 'Brembo' disc brakes (Discs: 324mm x 30mm). Brakes should have "Brembo" printed in white text, as opposed to the "Nissan" brakes on the standard GTR.
  • "V-Spec II" sticker on RHS trunk lid.
  • V-Spec cars ride slightly higher than the standard GTR, mainly due to the different wheel/tyre combination. The correct height for a V-Spec car is 1355mm, vs the 1340mm on the standard GTR.
  • The V-Spec II was available in 5 colours as outlined in the paint colours / codes section of this guide.
  • Body kit (front lip, sideskirts, etc) were generally the same as the standard GTR.
  • The Nismo kit was commonly applied aftermarket / installed by dealers on the V-Spec II, however, our research suggests it was not a factory applied kit (unless an N1 car). Please contact us if you have evidence suggesting otherwise. The Nismo kit included sideskirts, front bumper vents, a front bonnet lip above the grille, and a small rear spoiler lip below the standard rear wing). An example of a V-Spec II car with this kit is provided in the images.
2. Paint colours - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The R32 V Spec II cars were available in the following paint colours and associated codes listed in the below table. These colours and codes have been taken from an official GTR V-Spec brochure. Note, however, that cars may have been ordered specifically in other colours by individuals, and therefore exceptions may exist. Examples of each colour are given in the images. 

Paint Colour Name Paint Code Number Built
Crystal White 326 577
Spark Silver Metallic KLO 411
Gun Grey Metallic KH2 163
Black Pearl Metallic 732 104
Red Pearl Metallic AH3 51


Colour production numbers courtesy of

Paint code location:

The paint code can be found on the vehicles chassis plate, which is located on the drivers side of the firewall, in the engine bay. Examples of the paint code location are provided in the images.


3. Interior Features - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The interior of the V-Spec GTR was the same as the standard R32 GTR, and included the following features:

  • 3 spoke steering wheel with GTR imprinted in the centre boss. Note, an SRS airbag was a rare option, which will be confirmed by the 'model code' on the chassis plate (see 'Model Code' section of this guide).
  • 180kph speedometer (unless fitted with the Nismo option 320kph dash).
  • Triple cluster on central console (voltage, oil temperature and boost).
  • Factory air-conditioning / climate control.
  • Electric windows.
  • Two tone grey cloth seats.
  • Fitted Skyline floor mats.
  • Leather gear shift knob, hand brake lever and gator boot.
  • Space saver spare wheel.

Please contact us if you are aware of any additional features worth noting in this section.


4. Chassis Number / VIN - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The chassis number on an R32 GTR V-Spec II should appear in the following format:

BNR32 - XXXXXX (where 'XXXXXX' refers to the unique 6 digit production number for that car).

For a V-Spec II, the unique production number should be within a particular range of 306000 and 314649. This reflects a date range from around February 1994 until October 1994 when R32 GTR V-Spec production ceased. Date of manufacture can be confirmed by the below table. We have repeatedly seen chassis number BNR32-313930 quoted across as the last V-Spec II produced, however, we cannot confirm if this is from an official Nissan Source.

For more confirmation, run the chassis number through Nissan's FAST software.

Manufacture dates by chassis number - 1994:

Month First Chassis Number Last Chassis Number
February 306849 307538
March 307539 308549
April 308550 309339
May 309340 310099
June 310100 311049
July 311050 311829
August 311830 312329
September 312330 313149
October 313150 314349

Note: These production dates were taken from the "GTR Owners Bible Vol 003". We have not confirmed the accuracy of the above numbers, so please refer to these only as a guide.


Chassis number location:

The chassis prefix and number should appear in two locations (as demonstrated in the images):

  1. Printed on the blue chassis plate located on the drivers side firewall of the engine bay.
  2. Stamped into the centre of the engine bay firewall.
5. Model Number - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The correct model code for an R32 GTR V-Spec II is: "KBNR32RBFS8* AA" OR  "KBNR32RBFS* AA"

The “*” denotes the location of a letter referring to a particular type of factory option installed in the car (See option codes table below). The model number is located on a blue chassis plate on the driver's side of the engine bay firewall. A full decode of the V-Spec II has been outlined in the table below:

Model Code:

Refers to: Model Identification Number
KBNR32RBFS AA Body Style K = Coupe
KBNR32RBFS AA Engine B = 2.6L (GTR)
KBNR32RBFS AA Equipment N = Super Hicas + Attessa
KBNR32RBFS AA Chassis R32 = 8th Generation Skyline
KBNR32RBFS AA Number of Doors R = 2 Doors
KBNR32RBFS AA Grade B = GTR Vspec (17 Inch Wheels)
KBNR32RBFS AA Transmission F = 5 Speed Manual
KBNR32RBFS AA Engine Type S = Intercooler + Turbo + EGI
KBNR32RXFS8 AA GTR Grade 8 = GTR V-Spec II
KBNR32RBFS AA GTR Grade (Cont'd) AA = GTR & V-Spec I &II (Non N1)


Factory option codes: (Note – this is not a complete nor a verified list – please comment if you have further information on option codes):

Option Code Option Description
N Airbag
L Sunroof
B Opposed Disc Brakes.
S 4 Wheel Anti Skid System.
M Limited slip differential
V Auto Spoiler
Z Cold weather pack


6. Engine Number - R32 GTR V-Spec II

From our research, we have found that the V Spec II, as a car built in 1994, should have an engine number in the following range:

RB26-042XXXX RB26-045XXXX (where XXXX represents the unique number applied to an engine block). Images attached are examples only.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to confirm whether an R32 GTR has its original engine, as there is no reference to the engine number on the chassis plate, and therefore these cars cannot be confirmed as "matching number" cars without proof from early documentation. Further, Nissan's 'FAST' search system does not confirm engine numbers (to our understanding). 


RB26DET engine number location:

The engine number can be seen on the inlet side (driver's side) of the block, toward the front of the engine. It is under the thermostat / radiator connector pipe (the dipstick tube also obscures it). You may need a mirror and flashlight to assist. The first line says RB26, followed underneath by the unique 7 digit number as described above. We have provided some attached images to assist in the description of the location and typeface of the number.


RB26DETT block casting number: 

The engine block in an R32 GTR V-Spec II is the same as a standard GTR (assuming it is not the N1 V-Spec). The standard casting mark which should appear on the block is "05U"(as opposed to 24U on the N1 block). This can be seen on the passenger side of the engine block, in line with the coolant outlet. This is close to number 3 cylinder, and is not easy to see behind the Turbos, so you will probably have to look at this from underneath the car. Examples of the casting are provided in the images.

7. Mechanical Features - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The R32 GTR V-Spec II had the following mechanical features. Note, many of these features are shared with the standard R32 GTR, however, where features are unique to the V-Spec II, this has been noted.


V-Spec II unique features:

  • Active LSD (rear diff housing is finned for cooling where as standard GTR is not)
  • Fitted with BBS 17x8JJ cast aluminium road wheels with an offset of 30, with Potenza RE010Z 245/45/17 tyres (wider than V-Spec I).
  • 4 piston 'Brembo' disc brakes (Discs: 324mm x 30mm). Brakes should have "Brembo" printed in white text, as opposed to the "Nissan" brakes on the standard GTR.


Standard R32 GTR mechanical features:

  • RB26DETT engine (Twin turbocharged dual overhead cam 2568cc engine producing 206kw). The engine type is listed on the chassis plate as shown in the images.
  • ATTESA ETS all wheel drive system.
  • 1430kg stock weight.
  • Twin Garrett T28 Turbos.
  • Intercooler (Stock core size = 300 x 600 x 60mm)
  • ABS Brakes.


8. References - R32 GTR V-Spec II

The following websites provided valuable information for the production of this identification guide. We value the input of all 260RS enthusiasts and encourage you to get in contact with us or comment below if you have further information on these cars, so we can get as much information to those who are looking at purchasing or restoring them to factory specifications.

GTR Owners Bible, Volume 3