1929 Austin Seven Chummy (tourer / convertible)

Spotted this Chummy on Ebay Australia in January 2022 asking $23,000 AUD buy it now - see the original ad here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/255348706798?hash=item3b73f80dee:g:rbsAAOSwPVJh7go-

Rarely do these come up in great condition - there's always the odd chassis or engine for sale on Gumtree, and over $20,000 now seems about the going rate , having seen a bit of a covid spike..

In the original advertisement, the seller noted the following comments: Synonymous with being of the most well known vintage cars along with the model T Ford and bringing an affordable car to the masses in Brittan, the Austin 7 or “Baby Austin” as it was affectionally called was one of the most popular cars bought by the British market. So popular were these cars in fact that BMW’s very first car was a licenced copy called the BMW Dixi, France had the Rosengart and even Nissan used the design as a base for their vehicles (though not under licence).

This characterful 1929 Austin 7 Chummy is in delightful condition. Believed to be restored in the late 60’s, the vehicle’s condition has held up remarkably well for its age with a little bit of patina here and there adding to its old-world charm. Many original features remain in place from the radiator mounted temperature gauge to the many original brass fixtures and fittings within the engine bay and interior; most of which are hard to source.

Documentation that comes with the Austin records it’s history from 1966 when it was bought from Douglas of Neutral Bay, Sydney for 40 pounds (with 3 pounds delivery). The Austin had suffered damage in a fire at a restoration shop before it was bought however came with many spares. Upon receiving the car, a full restoration took place back to the bear chassis which was completed around 1975. While most of the restoration was completed in Sydney, the owner moved up to Maroochydore in 1971 in which the Austin was transported in the back of a furniture van for the journey. Upon completion, the Austin was entered into various events and rally’s where it won it’s class in the Austin 7 clubs Peregian Beach rally in both 1975, 76, 77 and outright winner in the SCACC annual concourse in 1976. Subsequent history of the Austin is sporadic however it appears that it has been kept within South East Queensland since 1971 and is known to the ‘Austin Seven Register of Queensland’.

This delightful Austin 7 comes with a small folio of paperwork and tools as well. Sold unregistered.

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Added on 2 Feb 2022

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built in 1929
Manual (floor shift)
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Not Available
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Not Available
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4 cylinder
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Petrol (4 stroke)
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