1944 Albion Venturer CX Double Decker Bus

This is an Albion Glasgow Type SPCX19W. This double decker has spent most of the last 30 years inside sheds and is well preserved. The Bus is original and complete (including destination board). The bus also has all of the original seats and interior, and overall, everything is in good original condition considering its age, having never been restored.

The last image in this collection is of this bus (on the left) at the Willoughbby Depot open day in 1978. This is believed to be taken soon before the bus finished service / was sold by NSW transport. The number plate confirms the ID along with the interior picture showing number 2102. It is believed that this bus spent most of its life at Mona Vale Depot, before coming to Willuoghby Depot prior to its eventual sale. The bus would have therefore been in service for approximately 35 years with NSW transport.

The paint on the bus is faded, but reasonable, and is the original Sydney Transport Green, with cream/yellow paint around the windows. There are very few of these buses remaining - particularly Albion's this age. Unfortunately, many of the old Albion buses suffered significant rust to their iternal steel body frames, underneath the aluminium sheeting. We have not looked behind the sheeting, but given how long the bus has been kept undercover, we assume the rust sould be minimal.

If you know of any other Albion double decker buses, it would be great to add these to classic register, so we can accurately track the number still out there.

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Added on 9 Nov 2014

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built in January 1944
Manual (floor shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Sydney Transport Green
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