This is a famous albion double decker, which has undertaken several trips accross the world between AUstralia and England overland. The website with further information is here:

This bus appears to have finished service in the late 60's to take off for this trip, which is much earlier than bus 2102, which also features on classic register. These buses were usually sold off, and turned into motorhomes by people, and there are very few original ones still around, restored to their original specifications. Note, the black and white image from the  where the double deckers are lined up in a shed, was taken at Brookvale depot in the 1960's. The bus went through an age of neglect, before being restored as shown in the first images,

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Vehicle details

Vehicle Location: Country: 
NSW, Australia
Engine Number: 
Unknown (please contact us if you know)
Build date: 
built in 1948
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
Paint Colour/Code: 
Sydney Transport Green
Interior Colour/Code: 
Chassis Number: 
MRO343H MO2004 EZ####
Manual (floor shift)
Other ID/Number: 
Bus serial # 2004
Body Type: 
Engine Fuel Type: