1964 Studebaker Daytona 2 Door Hardtop

This Daytona R1 project was advertised via a facebook group in April 2022. The car appears to originally be Strato Blue, and the seller provided the VIN number, and was certain it is a genuine R1 car. The car needs a bit of body work but is very saveable (and as a genuine R1, is certainly worth saving). The car was offered as a package with a second parts car, another 2-door Daytona hardtop - a Canadian car. Total asking price was a very reasonable $7,500 USD. The Canadian car was far worse in condition and supposedly not worth restoring. We've also put the Canadian car on the register here following this one - but images are not great. Slowly adding some more surviving Daytonas to the ranks.

In the original advertisement, the seller made the following comments:

I’ve got a 1964 Daytona R1 Hardtop I’m thinking of letting go, stalled project, lost interest. This would have to be considered a very ambitious project. There’s enough parts to build 2 cars. Strong running R1 engine, T5 trans, 3:55 TT Dana rear axle. Many high performance parts. Lots of NOS stuff. 2 body shells suffer from New England rust. Spares include a 4 speed trans and a 3:31 TT Dana axle, 259 engine , spare 289 crank etc.

High Performance parts: Edelbrock Custom Jeff Rice Air Gap Intake Manifold [Polished finish] Edelbrock 500 Carb,Finned Aluminum Valve Covers,R3 headers, Mallory distributor still in box] Prestolite Distributor converted to Mopar electronics, complete R1 engine [running]

Aluminum Fidanza flywheel, Hays clutch, rebuilt T-5 Mustang Trans with adapter and correct T-bird driveshaft, R2+ cam [in engine] Rocker Specialty 1.6 roller rockers [ in engine]

Custom roller cam still in box, custom adjustable gear drive still in box, Harlan Sharpe 1.5 rockers still in box, R1 heads on engine are set up with Chevy valves with Comp Cam beehive springs, extra set of Comp Cam under cut valves still in box. Complete stainless 2 1/4 exhaust on car. Rear axle has flanged axle conversion. Turner disc brakes, original disc brakes stored in boxes. Larger front sway bar, fast steering arms, adjustable traction bars, original traction bars stored in boxes, new heavy duty front springs, rebuilt rear springs with an extra leaf.

NOS parts: fenders, aprons, quarter panels, rocker panels, rear body panel, tail light chrome bezels, lenses, grille, headlight bezels, some moldings.

Classic Enterprise floors pans, trunk pans, floor and trunk supports. [trunk welded in]

Interior stuff: 2 good dash pads, black 66 dash, blue 64 dash, 4 almost perfect blue interior trim panels, blue 64 seats [poor condition] black 66 seats [driver quality] original R1 dash has 160 mph speedo and tach

Glass: 2 complete sets, one tinted, one clear, 2 sets of regulators, one set refurbished

Body: 2 body shells, 64 R1 body in better condition than 64 Canadian body, both need extensive floor and cowl repair. Some work done on the original R1 body, I wouldn’t bother with the Canadian body. 4 good doors, 3 hoods, 2 trunk lids, 3 nos fenders, 2 nos quarter panels, and at least 2 more good used quarter panels, nos front gravel panel [valance]

Frame: 64 R1 frame is perfect, Canadian frame is good but the bottom plate is showing some waviness.

Nice set of vintage Et aluminum Slots with Bf Goodrich T/As

This was a fun driving car before it got torn down, R1 parts were being rebuilt and installed onto the Canadian car, but the original R1 needs to be restored.

I can open up boxes and send pictures if someone is serious. Low ballers don’t bother, I would rather save it for my retirement.

See the original advertisement here.


Vehicle details

Added on 2 Apr 2022

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United States
Build date: 
built in 1964
Automatic (column shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Strato Blue
Interior Colour/Code: 
Unknown (presume Blue or black)
Engine Type: 
8 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: