1965 Studebaker Daytona 2 Door Sports Sedan

Rare 1965 Studebaker Daytona Sports Sedan in Bordaux Red, found on Hemmings.com in February 2017. The seller described this one as an unrestored car, and was asking $55,000 at the time of sale. Considering we've seen these go for under $10,000 in good condition recently, this is a very high asking price. The Seller notes that the vehicle is all original, and runs well, with its 283 Chev V8 - a factory installed unit on te 1965 and 66 model Stdudebakers.

Spotted again in 2020 on classiccars.com - with many more images, the car was again listed with Classic Auto Mall of  Morgantown, Pennsylvania,

If you're intsrested in these cars, have a look at Classic Register's 1965 Studebaker Daytona Register here, or check out the 1965 Studebaker Daytona information guide.

Vehicle details

Added on 26 Feb 2017

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United States
Build date: 
built in 1965
Automatic (column shift)
54000 Miles (2017)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Bordaux Red (Ditzler code: 71418)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Red vinyl
Engine Type: 
8 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: