1974 Porsche 911 Targa Top

During the 1970s Porsche started to forge its image as a leading sports car brand, it did this mainly by introducing technologies such as turbo charging. For 1974, the engines come in only two stages of tune. The regular 911 has what is basically the old "T" engine, but with 300cc additional displacement. It has an 8.0-to-1 compression ratio and is rated at 143 hp (net) at 5700 rpm. The S and the Carrera share a similarly en­larged "S" engine. It has a higher (8.5-to-1) compression ratio, larger intake ports and a cam with more lift and duration on the intake lobes. It is rated at 167 hp (net) at 5800 rpm. Though, in com­parison to the old T and S, quarter-mile acceleration of the new models is virtu­ally unchanged, the new engines are clearly less fussy to drive. The increased displacement and less overlap in the cams (for emission control) has made them both highly tractable.

This car has had recent work done to it including a refurbished interior and mechanical overhaul of some minor components. This car (as seen in the pictures) is in great condition and is somewhat justified by the price tag of $78,000 AUD in June of 2017.

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Added on 8 Jun 2017

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built in 1974
Manual (floor shift)
62,000 km
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Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
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