1986 BMW 6 Series E24 M6 / M635 CSI Coupe

This ultra-rare BMW Motorsport 635 CSi is one of only 524 right hand drive cars produced, from an already small population of just over 4000 vehicles. Originally a UK market car, this coupe now resides in New Zealand, and therefore represents an extremely unique opportunity for those in the southern hemisphere. Having been repainted its factory colour ‘Cosmos Blue’ 10 years ago, the seller notes they have many receipts to prove the maintenance undertaken, having owned it for 15 years. See it here on Ebay Australia.

BMW Motorsport introduced the M 635 CSi in 1983. In certain markets, the car is known as the M6, which brought it in line with other “M” models of the time, such as the M3 and M5. The UK and certain European markets received the 288kw (282hp) M88 engine, as derived from the BMW M1. The US, Japan and certain other European markets received a slightly de-tuned version of the same engine (catalyzed and with a lower compression ratio), producing less power as a result, but nonetheless impressive at 190kw (260hp).

Although there were a large number of differences between the various markets and forms in which these cars were originally offered, the Motorsport version can generally be distinguished from the standard 635 coupe by its mechanical features. There’s a unique 5 speed Getrag gearbox, 25% limited slip differential, stiffer springs, reduced ride height, 16” cross spoke alloy wheels and larger front ventilated discs. From the outside, certain pre-facelift cars had unique trims, but the majority of the body features were shared with the standard 635 CSi. Most cars of course were also fitted with the front and rear “M” badging. BMW Motorsport tweaked many other areas of the car, and we will have to do an ID-guide for these rare machines at some point in future to delve further into the unique features, so please stay tuned.

At $60,000 AUD (31,000 Pounds / 46,000 USD / 41,000 EUR at the time of writing), this car is not on the cheap side. Several right hand drive M 635s are currently available in the UK for 15 – 20% cheaper. If you’re in New Zealand or Australia, however, this might be the cheapest one available once you take into account import and compliance costs, and seems relatively well looked after by its BMW enthusiast owner.

This is the first M 635 CSI we have on Classic Register. If you have one of these rare machines, please add it to the register, and share the history and your knowledge of the cars. We are very keen to build a good knowledge base for these coupes for reference by prospective purchasers and existing owners, and believe these cars will make for great longer term investments. If you have one, hold onto it!

Vehicle details

Added on 26 Apr 2016

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
New Zealand
Build date: 
built in 1986
Manual (floor shift)
Paint Colour/Code: 
Cosmos Blue Metallic (Code 185)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Creme leather
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Not available
Chassis Number: 


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Sold mine for $35,000 AUD years back. Wish I held onto it :(