1987 BMW 6 Series E24 M6 / M635 CSI Coupe

This M6 was available on Ebay USA (located in Canada), in June 2017. The car came with a large amount of history and a very detailed advertisement - extracts from which we have included in the car's profile below. There were a total of 5,859 M635CSI/M6 vehicles produced between 1983 and 1989. Of these, 1,767 were exported to North America from 1987-1989, and only 200 reached the Canadian market. This is one of those 200 Canadian cars.

The E24 is the first generation of the BMW 6 Series grand tourer, which was produced from 1976 to 1989.  It was replaced, after a 16 year hiatus by the E63 6 Series. BMW used a modified version of the M88/M1 engine, denoted the M88/3 and put it in the E24 (6 Series) chassis in 1983 to make the M635CSI, which the vehicle was called in Europe. When it came to North America in Catalysed form in 1987, it was simply called the M6 and it cost a heady $58,750 before options and tax.  The M635/M6 went out of production in 1989. The 24 Valve 3.5L inline 6 produced 286hp in European (non-cat) trim, and 256hp for the North American version.

Standard equipment on the North American vehicles included many items that were optional in Europe, including Self Levelling rear suspension, heated power seats, and an 8 speaker sound system. The M6 was widely praised by enthusiasts and the automotive press when new, and was one of the fastest vehicles sold in the late 1980’s. Road and Track named it one of the 10 fastest vehicles for sale in America, and it ran to 158mph in R&T’s top speed test.

Along with the similarly powered M5 which was introduced in 1984, and the E30 M3 which came out in 1986, the M6 created the BMW ‘M’ car brand which has defined BMW performance machines for 4 decades.  These early M cars are all ‘Youngtimer’ Classics and have seen strong appreciation over the last 5 years, in concert with many other limited production performance cars of the 80’s and 90’s. These cars are the 'bedroom wall' cars of a generation of buyers who are now entering their peak earning years, and can indulge in their teenage car fantasies.  

 About this BMW M6

This M6 was delivered new into Montreal, Quebec and stayed with its first owner for its first 2 years, and was then sold into Calgary to the owner of a large GM dealership.  In Calgary the car had 4 owners (2 of which I have sold cars to in the past-LR), and was purchased in January from the last owner, an engineer, who was thinning his collection down from 12 or so collector vehicles.  The M6 was purchased together with a 1994 Porsche 928GTS, which is offered concurrently for sale.

There was some debate about whether the mileage showing on the odometer was correct, given that the car had a speedo replacement by the BMW dealer at 15,596km when it was a few years old.  A thorough investigation into the service records and the stamped maintenance books indicates that the mileage on the odometer has under-recorded the 15,596km, so the actual mileage of the car is in fact 88,xxx rather than the 72,xxx indicated. Every subsequent visit to Canbec, and later at T&T BMW in Calgary, recorded the adjusted mileage on the shop invoices, not the odometer reading.  When the car first visited an independent, Reigal Tuning in Calgary, the mileage was shown as the odometer reading, not the true mileage.  A later service invoice at Calgary BMW makes a notation of this, and adds by hand 15,596km to the invoice.  Subsequent invoices at specialists Alpine Autowerks record the Odometer reading only. I bought the car thinking the 72k was original, and it wasn't until preparing this auction description and mapping out the service work that I came to this conclusion. In the youtube videos i mention and show the odometer reading,which understates the mileage by 15,596km.  I'm hoping potential buyers appreciate me not just throwing out the later invoices!-LR

The condition of the car is remarkable for its age.  It is completely unmodified, has had no accidents, wears its original paint (please see the paint meter readings in the Flickr album), and the interior leather is still very supple showing no evidence of sun damage.

The car has been recently reconditioned without regard to cost.  A full service that included fluids, belts and filters, timing, valve adjustment, rebuild of the rear suspension, sorting various oil leaks, coolant expansion tank, thermostat, exhaust system, subframe bushings and mounts, control arm and battery was just completed at  a cost of $13,691.  (the work was done by Alpine Autowerks who are my preferred specialists for older German Cars) Additionally the car was treated to a new set of Michelin TRX metric tires, which were standard on the M6 as well as Ferraris’ of the era, and are being reproduced by Coker tire.  The bill was $3,000 for these tires landed in Canada.  Add to that 25 hours of detail and presentation work, some miscellaneous costs, and the bill for reconditioning the car is close to $20,000.

Driving the car is delightful with its light but precise shift lever, a jewel-like engine that makes sophisticated, aggressive noises (never would the cliche 'mechanical symphony' be better applied), nicely damped suspension, precise turn-in, and a comfortable ride.  Visibility is truly panoramic, with its up-right seating and large glass area.  It is a practical machine too: with rear seats very suitable for children or even adults for short distances, and a large trunk. It is really a lovely thing.

It looks nice too.  The Paul Bracq designed ‘Shark’ E24 is universally admired for its elegance, and it is arguably the last conventionally beautiful BMW.  No 'flame surfacing' or 'challenging design language' here...Just classical beautiful proportions and fine detailing. Bracq also designed some very beautiful and influential Mercedes-Benz, including the 'Pagoda' 230/250/280 SL, and the magnificent SE Coupes of the 60's and early 70's as well as the 'Grand' 600.

The M series engine, designed by Power Guru Paul Roche, with its individual throttle butterflies on full display in the engine compartment comes right from the M1 Supercar, and is truly glorious.  Roche’s other engines include the 1,500hp Brabham-BMW F1 engine, and the V12 6.0L masterpiece in the original McLaren F1 road car – which also has the distinction of winning LeMans on its first attempt.  Roche was one of the centuries great engine designers, can can be legitimately compared to other legends Vittorio Jano (Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo) and Hans Mezger (Porsche). 

To drive this 30 year old car, you really do wonder about automotive progress...  Clearly new vehicles are faster and safer (though the increased safety is mitigated by them being faster!), have  connectivity and apps etc.  But if you compare this to a new 6 series, the E24 has more room in the cabin, infinitely better visibility, more trunk space,  far better ride, is much prettier, sounds better, and when you open the bonnet, you see a gorgeous engine that has a genuine motorsport heritage.

Full vehicle history:

April 3, 1987 Sold new by Automobiles Canbec, Montreal Quebec to Gerard Coulombe of Montreal.

Serviced by Auto Canbec, Montreal:

April 27, 1987 (2,658km)-book stamp

Aug 8, 1988 (14,054km)-invoice

October 28, 1988 Speedometer changed (15,696km)-book stamped, subsequent service invoices include this mileage. 

Sold to G.S., Calgary

Serviced by T&T BMW, Calgary

April 4, 1989 (15,848km)-book stamp and invoice

June 22, 1989 (17,911km)-invoice

Aug 9, 1989 (22,502km)-book stamp and invoice

Sept 8, 1989 (24,803km)-invoice

Oct 18, 1989 (25,034km)-invoice

Nov 16, 1989 (25,475km)-book stamp and invoice

March 3, 1990 sold to AVIS LEASING/G.T. for $45,000 (25,208km)

March 26, 1990 (25,970km)-invoice

April 24, 1990 (27,244km)-invoice

May 16, 1990 (27,496km)-invoice

July 31, 1990 (28,415km)-book stamp and invoice

Oct 23, 1990 (29,952km)-book stamp and invoice

Aug 13, 1991 (32,089km)-book stamp

Aug 29, 1991 (33,013)-invoice

Aug 25, 1992 (36,766km) book stamp and invoice

Sept 16, 1993 (40,514km) book stamp and invoice

Oct 29, 1993 bought by G.T. from AVIS, Calgary, AB (42,124km)

Sold to L.H. Calgary, Calgary

Aug 9, 1994 (29,052 + 15,696 = 44,748km)-Reigal Tuning

Nov 7, 1994 (31,316km + 15,696 = 47,012km)-Reigal Tuning

Sept 20, 1995 (36,029km + 15696 = 51,725km)-Calgary BMW

Sold to I.K., Calgary

June 25, 2004 (58, 801+ 15,696=74,497) Calgary BMW

Oct 12, 2005 (60,774km + 15,696=76,470) Alpine Autowerks

July 17, 2012 (70,279km + 15,696=85,975) European Specialty Car Services, Victoria

Aug 28, 2012 (71,899km + 15,696=87,595) Alpine Autowerks

Jan, 2017

Sold to Porsche Centre Calgary

March 13, 2017 $13,691, 72,578 + 15,696=88,274km Alpine Autowerks

Vehicle details

Added on 28 Jun 2017

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1987
Manual (floor shift)
54,729 miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Cinnibar Red (Code: 138)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black leather
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: