1990 Holden (HSV) VN SS Group A SV

This amazing lowj km Group A VN commodore has just 182ks on the clock - and surely is the most pristine in existance. The following comments are taken from the original advertisement on Lloyds auctions: When selecting cars for their potential to increase in value it’s important to tick a number of boxes, namely, rarity, heritage and desirability. The VN Commodore SS Group A ticks all of those boxes. Just 302 were built, they were built for racing and they’re very desirable. One of stipulations of Group A racing was that any carmaker wishing to compete had to build a run of 5000 production cars, after which they could then spin off a special racing model. It too had to be built and sold to the public, but it could have a number of special features aimed at making it a better racing car. The VN Commodore SS Group A was such a car. It was the last so-called ‘homologation special’ Holden built for Group A before the rules were changed to the current Supercar V8 formula, which doesn’t require any special models to be built in production. The VN Group A story really began under the bonnet. The fuel-injected 5.0-litre Holden V8 was virtually all new from top to bottom and produced 210 kW at 5200 revs and 400 Nm at 4000 revs. Under full acceleration it would race from 0 to 100 km/h in just over six seconds and account for the standing 400-metre sprint in 15 or so seconds. To cope with the torque Holden engineers equipped the VN Group A with a six-speed manual ZF gearbox lifted from the American Corvette. The suspension was thoroughly reworked with higher rate front and rear springs, heavier anti-roll bars, and Bilstein shocks all round. Special Holden designed 17x8-inch alloy wheels were wrapped in 235x45 17-inch Goodyear Eagle tyres to give it the grip it needed. Compared to the Walkinshaw VL that preceded it the VN Group A was fairly subtle. The body kit consisted of quite modest spoilers front and rear, neat side skirts, but a power bulge in the bonnet and a sizable boot lid wing gave it a measure of menace. Holden also developed a special red to satisfy their dealers’ desires for the VN to recall the early red VL Group A, but added a touch of blue to make a little less vibrant.

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Added on 28 Apr 2021

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built in November 1990
Manual (column shift)
182 km
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Engine Type: 
8 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
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