1990 Mercedes C126 560SEC 6.0 AMG Widebody

This is one of several AMG Widebody SECs we have listed on Classic Register. For the full list, click here. This car was offered for sale in Springfield, Virginia in March 2015, on Ebay - selling for around $90,000 USD. With only 37,000 Miles on the clock, this is the lowest of all the widebodies we've seen so far, so is certainly one to be kept in the garage.

During the sale, the seller made some interesting comments, which we have summarised below:

This car is an authentic AMG car originating in Germany with proof of origin that the M117 / 9 motor was first developed in Germany, not Japan (Many were built in Japan). There was a very limited number of these authentic AMG engines built in Germany (estimated around 5 or 6). The car has the AMG 6.0  DOHC 32-valve engine (The most rare AMG engine built), and is one of the most desirable and rarest cars in today's 80s collector car market. The car was built during the final year of the AMG era, during the merge with Mercedes Benz.  

"When these motors first appeared years ago they appeared in Japan which led to believe that these magnificent motors are being developed in AMG Japan and where placed in the W126 and the W124 models , however the origin of this motor, where it was developed and how it was developed still remains a mystery within the AMG enthusiasts and collectors. The mystery of these engines  can now be revealed as this car perhaps is the only living proof of the origin of this engine which will also confirm that the 6.0 M117/9 was first developed and built by AMG GERMANY. According to Mercedes Benz of North America and Mercedes Benz Germany, the car was manufactured on June 22 1990. The German ownership and registration also know as Fahrzeugschein (in German) states that the car I have, first year registration  was in Oct,1990 as AMG 6.0 WIDEBODY M117/9. With this being said, we can now confirm that the M117/9 was first built in Germany and we can also confirm that this AMG was sold as AMG from day one with all numbers matching on the German registration aka Fahrzeugschein.

The Fahrzeugschein is the registration/ownership in Germany which not like the US or Canadian registration, is more detailed. Any modification done to the car minor or extreme is documented. I have a few page list of modifications that have been done with numbers that are matching on the car. This car has all the AMG upgrades that AMG offered for that year. This document is the ultimate proof of authenticity that one can have which is also documented in the ministry of transportation Germany.

Furthermore, a big possibility that this motor is the first motor AMG has built as M117/9. According to the German registration, during the three months while the car was being modified by AMG, the car was owned by Mercedes Benz Germany. It appeared to be that the car was ordered to be built by Mercedes Benz and the reason is still a mystery, but my gut feeling tells me there is history and a story behind it, which in fact could take this car to a next level of high end car collection which can be an important car in the history of the AMG era, a must have car to AMG collector and enthusiast.

The M117/9 motor is a magnificent motor and a true wonder of AMG engineering. To give you an idea about the value of this engine in 1990, it would cost you around 100,000 just for the engine and the engine bay modification, as for the total cost of this car, it would been around 335,000 DM which is about 200,000 USD.
The condition of the car is excellent condition everything works perfectly (except the sunroof), with only 37,000 miles it runs like new. The car is fully serviced and up to date. Some of the rare Benz options this car has include the pre-heating system, anti- skid control system, rear and side window curtains (have been removed but the tracks are there). It also has to AC control units for driver and passenger, top of the line alarm system with motion detectors, a state of the art Xenon HID lighting system with level control.

If you are the new owner, we would love to hear from you. If you know of the details of other 560 AMG cars out there, please add them to Classic Register, or contact us so we can.

Vehicle details

Added on 13 Jun 2016

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
United States
Build date: 
built in October 1990
Manual (floor shift)
37000 Miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Black (Paint code unconfirmed)
Interior Colour/Code: 
Black leather
Engine Type: 
8 cylinder
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: