For sale: 1972 XY Ford Fairmont GT (South African)


Located in Johannesburg, this South African assembled XY Fairmont GT has undergone a recent restoration and presents in excellent condition. The car was painted by the previous owner 2-3 years ago, and the interior trim has also been completely refurbished in its original black vinyl.

The car is rust free, runs very well, and seeks an enthusiast owner who appreciates the significance of these rare GTs. This ad is particularly directed at potential Australian purchasers who might consider importing the car, adding to the small pool of Fairmont GTs already brought across.

There were just 1,585 XY Fairmont GTs built for the South African market during 1971-1972, which followed on from a very small batch of the previous generation XW Fairmont GTs. This was effectively Ford Australia’s export version of the Falcon GT, which had a number of unique features distinguishing it from its Australian counterpart. As opposed to the “Super Roo”, the South African GT is known colloquially as the “Super Rhino”.

Most of the components for these rare cars were built by Ford Australia in Victoria alongside the Australian Falcon GTs. The components were then shipped to the Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa for assembly, and a 351 4v Cleveland crate engine fitted. For more information on the specifications and history of the “Super Rhino”, see this interesting website here dedicated to the cars:

The current owner is a Fairmont GT enthusiast who has owned this car for a couple of years. The car is now excess to the seller’s needs and doesn’t get used enough (the seller also has another Fairmont GT which has been in his family since 1980, and his preference is to retain that car).

There have been a couple of significant changes to the car’s original specifications. It was originally “Fern Green”, and was also originally fitted with a top-loader 4-speed manual gearbox. The previous owner at some stage converted the car to an automatic transmission and undertook the respray in orange 2-3 years ago. They also removed the original vinyl roof, and the power steering (not sure why this was done..). The car looks great, but we’re sure there are plenty of purists out there who’d love to see this car back in its original Fern Green, vinyl roof and the 4-speed manual.

The car’s odometer reads 95,000km, which could be genuine, but is unverified. The car has had 4 owners since new, and is a well kept example which could easily be returned to its original form if that was desired. On request, the seller will provide interested parties with details of the car’s VIN and relevant codes confirming it is a genuine Fairmont GT, including the stamping on the suspension tower, tag next to the radiator and tag fitted under the driver's seat.

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South Africa
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Vehicle details

Paint colour/code: 
Interior colour/code: 
Black vinyl
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
95,000 km
Engine type: 
Engine fuel type: 
Chassis number: 
Provided on request
Other ID/number: 
One of 1,585 built
Body type: 
Driver seating position: 
Right Hand Drive